Wednesday, June 13, 2007

3rd Pacemakers Anniversary Run - Entry Closed!

Cinya unbelievably hot! You know or not hor, in less than a month, all der vacant spots have been filled up very fast like goreng pisang. You eaten der famous Penang laksa before or not? You never see empty tables sibo? Like this event lah! From 12 teams, der organizers extended the entries to 15 teams due to overwhelming response. Even so, we reached the 15 quota cinya fast. Now we have runners from all over der state. We oso hv runners from Singapore to join this event.

Last yr we only had 9 teams, this yr we exceeded der record to 16 teams! So this time around we will definitely have super mega battles between fat, skinny, tall, short, tar por (men) and char bor (women). Some teams will also be running topless provided der DBKL permit is approved.

Click this link for complete team list

Stay tuned for more updates!

Potong Sayur : Kenny Tan chase by Chong Wah by OX Gang

Pia-wit-me : Newton Yap der most pia runner of der day!

Kan Zheong Moment : DK passing baton to Ryan Mei Mei

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