Tuesday, June 26, 2007

der Penang Bridge Marathon - Amkam Update

It maybe der Best race N oso probably der worst race in Malaysia
- 1st time got luggage area, but need to pay RM1
- Reporting area open only 1 gate, but thousand ppl queue like mad kok
- No signboard on Goodies bag collection
- Water Station no enuf water
- Some ppl hv to park 3 to 4 km away if they come from georgetown.
- Trafik control very bad
- der Bridge cinya busuk like kok
- more to add boh?

I'm only review on Half Marathon, I dont know about der Full Marathon. So you got anything kok shiet boh? Cinya welcome to add some kok here.


Kenny said...

I don't know why International event but the organisation not international at all !!

Some more , at certain road so crowded when the Fun run people come and make U -turn and the runners in marathon and half must fight for space . May be fun run should use different road or still same road but keep to the left ,coz they all just walking and blocking many runners .

cyk0sis said...

CONGRATS TO THOSE WHO PR-ED and my wishes goes out to Terence and his family. I will see you guys in PJ half this year. Take care.

Carboman said...

1. no chip timing. at least the marathon category must be on chip timing
2. super crowded bridge exit up to finishing point
3. no crowd control to ask the crowd not to block the gate to allow runners to finish. they should put the finishing chute on the main road
4. security guards not doing much during bib collection. i had to sternly tell 2 people off not to cut queue. the guard simply smiled
5. the start for the half and under-distance remains chaotic
6. no isotonics until 27K. by that time it's too late. many suffered. furthermore the isotonics were very very diluted
7. the smell from the factories were terrible. the organizers should try smelling it while running to know how bad it is.
8. the first aiders refused to apply counterpain for me. only my insistence got them to do that. i told them that i will end up smearing my face if they get me to do it myself. rather the first aiders should wear thin surgical gloves to avoid the discomfort too. they should not stand like waiters and waitresses. if they wanted pleasant job, volunteering as first aiders shouldn't be on their minds. their supervisor agreed and asked the girls to apply for me.
9. please please please think about the runners' welfare

John said...

Congrats to the Organiser for being the lousiest "international" marathon I've ever participated!

And I wonder how they could feel so proud of the record of 20,000 runners while majority of them are 10km school boys and gals!!

Best part is there are zero improvements since I took part in the same event 10 years ago!!!

The only commendable thing is the beautiful MEDAL.

krunner said...

I've run PBR since 2000 and things have not improved much and is worse now with the larger crowd.

1. A timing is a must for an supposedly international event.
2. There are inadequate signages around USM e.g. directions to the starting line, reporting, parking.
3. There are still no mobile toilets placed along the course.
4. Mixing up the fun run and 10k runners at the last 3 km with the marathoners.
5. Sections where roads had no lighting for the marathoners.
6. Drink stations located too far from the finishing line.
7. Provide separate drinks and food tables for marathoners near the finishing line.
8. Lack of police presence along the route and competition areas.

CP Waterman said...

yup, sounds very much like 1998 except it didn't have that disgusting smell then.
I think a good lesson we all can take to heart is that we should make effort to know what exact condition to expect for the last 10k of the route independently because by then the mind won't even add & subtract already let alone being able to meet any unforseen hiccups for it to handle.But having to fight through the crowd of fun runners is totally unacceptable!!!
I also hope the PBM body will take step to improve for future event.

Dinesh said...

Can I suggest that someone write in to the Opinion section of the newspapers like The Star etc and make it known that we are from the Pacesetters running club so they dont think we are just some everyday person who had a bad experience. Make it known to them that it is a shame to call it an international marathon and there is nothing to be proud about at all

C-CUBE said...

I concur to DK and probably also write direct to the organiser. These things cannot be taken for granted.

I was also contemplating to write to YEO'S directly about their lousy way of sponsoring the isotonic drinks. Either they themselves are taken for a ride by the organiser or in actual fact they are so kiemsiap about sponsoring more isitonic drinks.

I THINK 100PLUS does a much more better job here!!!!

kops21 said...

1) Why is there a need for 2 BIBS! I don't care where IAFF or whatever F@#& states it. If World Class Marathon event like NEW YORK or even small frys like Singapore and KL event don't enforce it, why are you pushing so hard for it!

2) Isotonic drink is H2O mixed with water! Taste horrible and available only after 20km++!

3) Lack of portable toilets! I don't see any throughout the race! At least not visible to me! I am not blind when i have a bad tummy ache! I only manage to see a few that belongs to the construction firms!

4) Where is the water points at the end of the race! It is totally not visible! The last thing a runner finished a race is to use a compass and map to find a water point! A up of water is provided as you take your finishing medal.

5) Where is there a need to charge for baggage service!

6) No proper crowd control at USM. Runners get confuse where is the end point. Crowd standing in the path chit chatting!

7) No proper making on the distance especially near the end.

8) Bib collection is a mess! Though i am not there, my friend that collect for me, have lots of saliva spitting experience!

9) Lights! At certain stretch we are pratically run long stretch in darkness!

C-CUBE said...

kops21, u nailed the point.
Long Live LIVERPOOL!!!!

C-CUBE said...

PM1, maybe we shud compile these and send it to the organiser, and show them that we are darn serious abt these complaints else no one will ever learn.

Anonymous said...

i admit though the organiser did a lousy job here...but pls dont put a blame on 10km fun runner & school kids...race like that, everyone are entitle to take part as the categories are there before register..u knew it earlier, isnt it??
i did 10km fun run..it was crowded,so what?? u are saying i'm blocking your way coz u are more professional & deserve more space to run?
if dont like it, dont take part nxt yr...simple as that. otherwise write to the organiser or do more realistic action to siren these organisers.blaming doesnt help to improve the situation.
but in contra, carboman,krunner & kops21 - your points are really good. if put into proper writing to proper channel i'm sure it will help them to organise better run next year.
I remember someone wrote an article in Starpaper about using ITS to promote runs some time back, PBIM organiser did take note & used the idea this time...isnt that an achivement too??