Saturday, June 09, 2007

Pacemakers Fellowship Run - Photos

der Pacemakers Fellowship Run Group Photos

Ready to flag off

der leading pack

der 2nd pack

der Pacemakers volunteers

Pm1 - always pia kau-kau lat want!

Chen Pong Pong - der most hardcore runner of der day!

CB Loew setting der fastest lap @ 15m 59s

Tan Ay Bing

Lee Tiong Hoo (KP Gang)

Mrs Chen

Chek Yin Huay from PJ

Afad (Klang) & Mohd Saifudin (R-Malaysia)

Aeow Cen Peng - only 2 lap nia, rushing to work

Kenny Tan, Pm27 - der longest run after KLIM 42k

Tan Ay Peng - Marathon specialist

Jason learn2eat Pm23 - lausai at 1/2 way mark

Hau Wan Lin (OX Gang)

Brother n Sister - Raymond Ng & Anne Ng

KP Tan


Kelvin Ng, Pm2 - der most talk kok runner

Mohd Fazli from UM

Lai Fong Sang - suffer kau-kau lat!

Raymond Lim (KP Gang)

Fernidand Lai Yee Keong from Runner Malaysia

P/S: For more photos, please view pm22 album 3, select pacemakers fellowship run

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NEZZ said...

Dear organizer, TQ for accepting my last-minute application to join yr run.