Monday, June 04, 2007

Pacemakers Fellowship Run - update

Here are der comfirm list of participants, do register urself in der morning wit our timekeeper. Coz many are new faces, we need to know u better. Each loop u pass, we will mark your timing n count der round for you. So you dont go blur blur lah, n by der end of der day. Lai Fong Sang der audit master will calculate your split time for each loop.

If anyone FFK on that day, I'm gonna TNS u kau2 lat. Coz everthing is ready liao ie..fruit n drinks. Put as many alarm kok as u can lah.

Lastly, dont be late. If you don't know der place well enuf, pls leave your house a bit early. Thank You!
brought 2u by der_pacemakers

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