Friday, June 29, 2007

PBM - TNS from Anonymous

i admit though the organiser did a lousy job here...but pls dont put a blame on 10km fun runner & school kids...race like that, everyone are entitle to take part as the categories are there before register..u knew it earlier, isnt it??

i did 10km fun was crowded,so what?? u are saying i'm blocking your way coz u are more professional & deserve more space to run?

if dont like it, dont take part nxt yr...simple as that. otherwise write to the organiser or do more realistic action to siren these organisers.blaming doesnt help to improve the situation. but in contra, carboman,krunner & kops21 - your points are really good. if put into proper writing to proper channel i'm sure it will help them to organise better run next year.

I remember someone wrote an article in Starpaper about using ITS to promote runs some time back, PBIM organiser did take note & used the idea this time...isnt that an achivement too??


Social Runner having fun said...

Yes..yes..yes. I agree with anonymous. Pls consider other runners' heart too. We participate because we love to run. Maybe we are slow, but you have no right to accuse us. Blame it to the organiser, but they did some good job too. If you dont like it, dont race. But thanks to pm1, posting anonymous letter shows that you give attention to what he/she said. We all love running. And its not all about winning or good timing right right? And 1:35 for half, for me, is far from expecting timing from runner who had been racing for 5-6 years. It should be sub 1:15 by now. :-)

Kenny said...

Pls don't misunderstand . No fun run runner is being accused . Yes of course you have a right to participate . Just suggesting that if we are all running on same route ,(we , meaning Fun run ,marathon and half) .... may be organiser should make some kind of lanes or signage eg ... fun run to run on left , half marathon , marathon to run on right .


Geraldine said...

Anon/Social R.:
For a long-distance runner (I mean longer than 10k fun), it is downright frustrating to have a sea of Walkers right smack in your face. This runner wants to breeze into the finishing line asap and not having to use two tired arms to cut through. It is not fault of the school kids. The organizer should have demarcate a lane specially for 21k/42k. Common sense is not at all common after all.

Anonymous said...

Geraldine - sorry to say that, u sounded sort of senseless to u started running?? isnt it that u started from beginner as well?? so??? have u ever considered those u hv blocked their way before when u were at a shorter distance runner???

nway, like Kenny said, PEACE.we all like running that's why we meet in this blog..nxt time when say something, do remember dont hurt others feeling if u dont want it happen to u too...of course is good that we (shorter distance/slower runner) can ran faster together with the "pro(s)"...but it take awhile to do so...isnt it??

See those international running event eg London Marathon, they have atleast 50k - 60k runners running at same route, it was many times crowded than here..i'm sure there are ppl walking & running slow..but they enjoyed..cant v too, to have a common ground & run together?? think about it.

The organiser part,they sure need alot of improvement in future.Eventhou event like PBIM has already existed for years, but those who incharged may not be the same as 10yrs ago..many are not runners as well..they need guidelines & comments too to make changes. Our grumbling among each other will not reach them unless we tell them using a proper channel and not forgetting give them credits on some good jobs they had done.

Well,it's a good forum experience here..thanks guys & Cheers! ;p

The very same anonymous

C-CUBE said...

aiyah anon, u no understand lah especially when runners are kan cheong trying to shave a couple of secs and minutes to the finishing. you will experience it when you are in that position. anyway running slow and blocking others way are two diff things. you dun hv to block ppl when running slow, common sense but again when there are thousands of ppl jamming the road, then i think putting up special lanes is a must. just like you drive slow on the fastlane of a hiway, ppl will definitely TNS you. just my 2 cts. anyway care to introduce urself rather than hiding in the Tempurung. good talking to you, mate!!!!

Geraldine said...

Don't be shy to veil yourself as Anonymous. Your comments are noted from yr perspective. I started running in a park and not in a race. I was only confident of actually running (not walking) for 10k after training to run that distance. I had absolutely no idea that running and walking are seemingly synonymous here. Again, pls let me reiterate that the only issue is the clogging human traffic that the organizer had overlooked somehow.

I hope Anonymous is not a girl or a woman that I hurt yr feelings. I think I can take as much as I dish out.

The only way for race organizers to improve is to listen to critiques and not be defensive. Like you mentioned, many of the race officials are not runners, then all the more, listen with heart.

CP Waterman said...

For your info Paris organisers line up their runners into different expected time zone, eg Elite zone for sub2hr30 then follow by sub3; sub3:15 so on & so forth till 4:45. All the other slower and fun runners will be assembled right at the back so in that way the serious runners are not obstructed and the fun runners can enjoy their fun.

And en route, they make sure you are not obstructed either by a traffic light or a crossing vehicle so that you can run in your best possible time.(unless you are unexpectedly stopped by an IRISH)

For your info again that to all serious runners who have trained hard ( some put in more than 1000km in training just to run the 42.2k race) to run a good time for a full marathon, the final 10k is usually run on empty tank & empty brain.What is left in them is only pure guts & determination. They need a lot of support.Believe me having a clear route ahead really helps.
How on earth the penang organisers managed to plan "the crash" is beyond simple understanding.But trust me any serious runner would be "annoyed" - to put it mildly (our pacemakers would have better lingo to express).
Lets hope that our penang organisers will learn quickly this time.
But do you think they will?