Tuesday, July 17, 2007

3rd Pacemakers Anniversary Run Update

Once again I want Thanks to all der sponsor such as Tan Sri Rohaizad, Chen Pong Pong, Loco Lai Fong Sang, LeoNaresh & Aeow Cen Peng for sponsoring der 3rd Pacemakers Anniversary Run 2007. Without you guy support we can't make it so well, so grand & so happening. Really appreciate it, and picture below is der trophies for der PAR 3 sponsor as token of appreciation. Der trophy will be coming to your hand very soon!

Wat have we done so far?
1) Booking der Lake Garden from DBKL - done!
2) Running bib - ready!
3) Sponsor trophy - ready!
4) Running tag for volunteers - done!
5) Medals - will be ready by end of july!

Please settle der Payment!
For those who haven pay der entry fee, kindly pls bank in to us before by end of july. We need der money to pay der medal shop guy, kindly co-operate.

For more detail on PAR 3 update, pls click der link @ http://h1.ripway.com/pm1/par-run.htm

brought 2u by pm1


pacasetter said...

why so ugly one der trophy!

Geraldine said...

Looks cool, like the chilled beer mug. After run, just go for yam seng with this mug. Happy 'pia-ing'.

C-CUBE said...

pacasetter, on wat basis did u made ur critic!!!! just dun critizise for the sake of doing it. look at urself in the mirror, do u look handsome, beautiful or ugly. doesnt matter because we will not tell u that u are ugly or handsome or beautiful. Always remember this: "The Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder", and care to intro urself rather than hiding under the TEMPURUNG!!!!

pm1 said...

If you want to talk bad about der trophy, pls dont use other ppl name.

If u hv der gut, use ur blardy own name! If not, go and hide under der girl skirt!

aharis said...

One fine day i will drink 100Plus from the PM Anniversary Run trophy!