Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bukit Aman - Sri Hartamas Route

On Saturday, I ran the Bukit Aman - Sri Hartamas route and one of the key objective was to measure the course using the
Garmin ForeRunner 205. PM1 is very der kan cheong about the exact distance of the course and he has been reminding me to do it and even to an extent of at which point I should start the measurement. While PM1 was interested in the distance, Flying Pig PM8 was requesting me to check out the elevation of the course. He wants to know how is the gradient of this course look like which I believe will give him a strategy in hill training. So without disappointing them, my mission was set on Saturday to ensure such information will get acquired after the run.

Bukit Aman - Sri Hartamas Petronas station: 9.66k
- start from Bukit Aman exit near to the public toilet
- end at red Post Box at Petronas station

Loop around Petronas station: 0.9k
- start from red Post box
- ends at red post box

Sri Hartamas Petronas station - Bukit Aman: 9.59k
- start from red Post Box at Petronas station

- ends at Bukit Aman exit near to the public toilet

The total distance of the route is 20.15k and the elevation ranges from a low of 30m to a high of 110m. Total ascent of 661m and descent of 642m for the entire route. I hope this information will be useful for those who wants to plan out their training strategies moving forward.

In conjunction with this, I believe Jamie will be using this route as the official course for the Phedippidations World Wide Half Marathon. The race will happen across the world on 13-14 Oct 2007 and please sign in for the race. As of today, there is already 9 entrants across Malaysia. More information on the event happening in KL will be published by Jamie. Watch out for it.

brought 2u by Choi, Pm42


TomatoMan said...

Superb info you have there!!! Many thanks to you!

Ray, Pm48

krunner said...

That is neat. Can the GPS data be used to trace the exact route on Google Earth?