Thursday, July 12, 2007

der_Pacemakers # 49

Hai everyone me Saravanan one of your new PM.....Actually my thought of running is just inspired by fellow friend Narish and Guna....I see every week they came out with medal when finished race...that’s actually encouraging "why not I be like them"....When I was telling them my interest on running they without said anything ask me to joint training with them...Frankly speaking for the new runner like me they are the best running coaches that I ever trained.They actually encouraging me with all the running schedule from Monday to Saturday...For the first week of my training they really make me cannot sleep every night(my leg really pain)....After that all goes fine for me..."Thanks for the support guy"....

They also tell me about Der_pacemakers group and I also interested to joint when I saw how the group participate "Round the Penang Island Relay" it’s really fun,joyfull and enjoyable environment among the members.

List my entire race that I participate:
1.Larian Smart Tunnel - ( My first ever race)
2.KL International Run
3.Larian Mesra Polis
4.KL Power Run
5.Perak Chinese Chamber Run
6.E-Charity Run
7.Larian Anti Rasuah
8.New Balance Race 15km
9.Penang International Run - (My first ever 22km race)
10.Siemens 10km Run

The entire above race I finished with medal....I hope that all the der_pacemakers member will encouraging and support me....Thank you....

My New Balance 15km Race

My Two Best Coaches

“Sara The Style”


True runner said...

Welcome Bro..Keep on Running

Anonymous said...

dai macha, dont tell im your coach lah, it make me older kai, just tell naresh is your coach, his look old somemore age 31, me only turn 27th this week, come lah macha. regards gunaa14

Tey said...

Welcome to pm family,next time try to snap u.But must pia and concetrate ya...!!