Saturday, July 14, 2007

Larian Uniten Bangi

What : Larian Uniten 10 Tahun
When : 14th July 2007
Where : Uniten - Bangi, Selangor
Distance : 9km
Medals : 1st to 20th!

Cinya sai lei (hebat) this Naresh, Guna & Sara. Don't know wat their body make of? Tomoro they are going for another race again at Kota Kemuning Run (Klang). Again they will run wit full force, bcoz medals only limited to 20th nia. Good luck guys!!

Men Open :
35:08 - Naresh Kumar, Pm37 (6th)
35:09 - Gunaselan, Pm39 (7th)
40:35 - William Chan, Pm36 (12th)

Men Open University :
37:10 - Saravanan, Pm49 (3rd)

Pm's Ranking Pts:
Pm49 = 11.5pts, Pm37 = 7.6pts, Pm39 = 5.7pts, Pm36 = 0.8pts

der Next Coming Major Series Races for July & Aug:
15th July - Kota Kemuning Run / Ipoh Starwalk
15th July - Seremban Half Marathon (G7 Event)
21st July - Iron Hill Run @ Sg. Besi
22nd July - Larian 10k KL / MII Big Walk
29th July - Melaka Historical Half Marathon (G7 Event)
29th July - Kuantan Beach Run / Larian Utusan 10K
05th Aug - adidas King of the Road (G7 Event)
12th Aug - PJ Half Marathon (G7 Event)
19th Aug - Pacesetters Breakfast Run @ Putrajaya
26th Aug - Subang Jaya 10km Run

50 Ranking Points Jackpot!
Sara is der new PM member, has der right to join in der list. Bcoz he still in der running for der consecutive race record. So now we still have 5 PM's member in der chasing for der Jackpot! Good luck guys!

Countdown to Week #5
5 Event - Guna (Phuket, PBM, IIR, Siemens, Uniten)
4 Event - Naresh (PBM, IIR, Siemens, Uniten)
4 Event - Sara (PBM, IIR, Siemens, Uniten)
3 Event - Chen KH (PBM, IIR, Siemens)
3 Event - LFS (PBM, IIR, Siemens)

brought 2u Captain Ron

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