Sunday, July 22, 2007

One of der Worst Event in 2007

What : Larian KUL 10k Melawati (KUL)

When : 22nd July 2007
Where : Taman Melawati, Kuala Lumpur
Distance : approx 7km
Medals : Finisher Medals (Cinya Sui!)
Rating : Very Very Poor!

I don't mind of paying RM30 linggit, if der run is organise it very well. But to my surprise, it was der worst run that i couldnt imagine....

1) Der collecting bib area very der cin cai (lousy), really potong stim.

2) Unbelievable! No toilet at all, ask them how can this be? They juz reply say "SORRY!" I oredi kenot tahan my shiet liao!! [insert very der frust here]

3) Actual starting time 7am, but nothing yet to happen [insert pukul lalat here]. Runners juz waiting like "Soh Loh" (stupid).

4) 7.10am only announce der starting time, ask runners to get ready. starting time will be at 7.15am sharp!

5) Starting line very der kelam kabut, organizer didnt give a proper direction.

6) Oredi 7.30am, race still no start. When is about to start, got ppl protest der Afrika runners, so organiser ask all der black runners to stand a side to Kheng Sou (settlement).

7) In d end, 1 afrika male n 1 female are allow to take part. Stupid fool, organizer shldn't have mention earlier in der entry forms if they not allow foreign to take part?

8) So sad for der Afrika runners, they hv to step a side to see other run. [insert CCB TNS to der organizer here] Bcoz of 1 runner protest, others hv to suffer. No sportmanship at all!!

9) Distance from 10km downgrade to 7km, but der medal label stated 10km.

10) Nothing to shout about this event, der only thing I like is der medal nia. That All!!

Men Open :
26:10 - Gunaselan, Pm39 (4th)
26:48 - Naresh Kumar, Pm37 (5th)
26:56 - Jasni Khairil (6th)
27:03 - Ronnie See, Pm1 (7th)
28:19 - Saravanan, Pm49 (8th)
29:57 - Chen Keat Hoong, Pm8
30:20 - KP Tan
30:23 - Zulazlan Shah, Pm43
30:25 - Teoh Chun Ming, Pm17
30:55 - Kenny Tan, Pm27
32:29 - Suresh, Pm47
33:49 - Lai Fong Sang, Pm38
38:16 - Kenny Tan Shaw Tian (LFS Fren)
45:16 - Lim Pueh Tian, Pm1a

Men Junior Veteran :
27:51 - Daniel Tan
31:20 - Tan Ay Peng

der Next Coming Major Series Races for July & Aug:
29th July - Melaka Historical Half Marathon / Larian Utusan Bangi
05th Aug - adidas King of the Road (G7 Event)
11th Aug - UDM 10KM Run / FTAAA Circuits Walk / M'sia 24 Hours Walk
12th Aug - PJ Half Marathon (G7 Event)
12th Aug - MCA Youth Kuantan Cross-Country Run
17th Aug - Larian ASJC Kali Ke 24
18th Aug - Desaru International Triathlon / Olympic Day Run @ Pg
19th Aug - Kuantan Beach Run / PACM Breakfast Run
25th Aug - 7th PACM Track Meet / Larian Lebuh Raya Ke-50
26th Aug - Subang Jaya 10km Run / Tanjong 10km Run / Unity Run
26th Aug - Larian Gemilang Merdeka 50 Tahun

50 Ranking Points Jackpot! (Week #6)
8 Event - Guna (Phuket, PBM, IIR, Siemens, Uniten, KKR, IHR, KUL)
7 Event - Naresh (PBM, IIR, Siemens, Uniten, KKR, IHR, KUL)
6 Event - LFS (PBM, IIR, Siemens, SHM, IHR, KUL)
6 Event - Sara (PBM, IIR, Siemens, Uniten, KKR, KUL)
5 Event - Chen KH (PBM, IIR, Siemens, SHM, KUL)

brought 2u Captain Ron


C-CUBE said...

RM30 for a 7k race, cinya expensive lor. tats mean u r paying almost RM4.30 per KM plus der medal.

Compare it will Seremban 1/2, RM10 for 21k plus a nice Selangor pewter medal. Per KM we are paying RM2.10, cinya worth it.

BenchPHP said...

Hi Der_Pacemakers,

I was in this race last sunday and also dissapointed from the organizer how they organize the event is very very poor. I thought there is a turning point at masjid but to my surprise its already the finish line. I saw many dissapointed ppl too.

It is New Balance and I assume it is a well organized race the fact that the name NB is a reputable brand in this kind of event. hope they will learn a lesson from it ...