Friday, July 27, 2007

Pacemakers #48

Once upon a time......err.....oh sorry ah....long long time ago i was supposed to give you this...

ok, here's my report

Running became my passion last year. It was in Kuching, my hometown, in a charity 10km run. Somehow I became hooked to running after that day. I saw my uncle in the run and he is the senior veteran who finished way in front of me. He looked like he's made of iron and as for me, I'm just a fat dumpling that rolled along the track which stopped many times to catch my breath. This fat dumpling cursed many times along the run too. My uncle motivated me to run faster, go further and be fitter.

The Saberkas Marathon was the 2nd run I took part in and of course I didn't dare to go the full 42km but with an itchy butt, I tried 21km. That run gave me many days of 'duck walking' as I haven't ran enough to be comfortable. Took me 2hr 23min to reach the finish line and before that, cramps hit both legs in the last 2km. Suffering!!! But when i reached the finishing line, it was a priceless moment!

So after that run, I came to KL for work and started joining the runs. I must thank KhooYK for he is the one that encouraged and dragged me into running. Kam sia!!! By the way, I still remember our school days where he lapped me twice in the sports day 5km. He was racing and I was jogging. Yes, he is our school and state runner. Go St. Joseph! Go Sarawak!!

The first run I joined in Klang valley last year was 10km PJ half. After that, it's Ipoh International, Seremban, Mizuno, Subang, Singapore....and the list goes on.

This year started with a bang in the Great Eastern Pacesetter 30km. I became a running maniac where I joined as many as I can this year. Running is a socialising event where we meet so many people and make so many friends. And recently I was invited to join der Pacemaker. Yes, I'm happy and proud to be one. Kam sia!!!

Next run for me will be KOTR. See you all there! Running is a passion!

Raymond Ng, Pm48

(from pm1 : I'm still waiting profile report from Pm36, Pm37, Pm46. How long more I have to wait?)

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