Sunday, July 01, 2007

Pacemakers action photo in 2007 Ipoh International Run

SJ choose the right event,5th in women open 10km.
Guna cinya fast in 10km,not easy snap his foto,almost miss him,chase him from behind.
Richard always like that,aiiiiiiiii....should concetrate pia.
Naresh pia 100%.
Chen still suffer from PBIM ? Or relax run nia.....!
Loco Lai pia spirit until suffer look.
Raymond enjoy the race in Ipoh.
Kenny believe give him more 4 months,his form will come back 100%.
Suresh(right) suffer walk,after cheers for him,restart pia spirit.
Fook relax run to finishing point.

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Raymond said...

Hello Pacemakers!!
Tis is my 1st time tok kok in here so i better use pacemaker lingo...hehe
Well, tat's becos i kena kidnap by kapten to be the latest Pm. hahaha!
I'm a new member so be gentle wif me ya. :P

Ipoh run was a good. This time not many terror runners were there so better chance to get better position. The medal was ok lah, altho it has Visit Malaysia 2007 logo.
First time i broke my own record, did a sub 2hr run. Yahoo!!!! Makes me wanna pia lagi kaw lah.

The nite before the race, Wei Hann & me went jalan-jalan cari makan. Really carbo loading lah. We had 3 rounds of dinner/supper before go back hotel & zzzzz. Tat was oredi 1am.

On our way back, we went jalan-jalan makan again. Even stopped by Bidor to makan.

Pia kaw kaw ciak kaw kaw!

ray - Pm48