Sunday, July 15, 2007

Result of Seremban HM (SHM) & Kota Kemuning Run (KKR)

What : Seremban Half Marathon
When : 15th July 2007
Where : Padang NS, Negeri Sembilan
Actual Distance : 21.46km & 11km
Medals : 300th for 21k, 50th for 11k!

Cinya happy to finish top ten again in my category of 11km, this is der 2nd time I manage to finish top 10th for der Seremban HM under 11km. First was on year 2005 n 2006 finish 14th. But tt was not an easy meat, starting oredi have to pia like kok liao. I wasnt sure about my position that time, but I agak-agak believe I got der change to make history again. During my whole journey of running, after 4km, I only manage to sayur 2 runner nia. 1 at 4km n another at 5km. After that no more my category to been seen, all I can see is Men Junior Veteran nia. So I mantain my sayur speed until finish, cinya glad no one running neck to neck wit me during der finishing. Saw der position stated #10th!!! Cinya happy n relief!! Must kam siah to my ang kong (my God) too, coz gimme no injury sign.

Lastly, cinya Kam Siah to Tey Eng Tiong coming all der way from PJ to Seremban to snap der PM's gang pictures, really cinya Kum Tung!!

There is still no improvement on water station, say every 3km got water station in metro starpaper? But wat I can see is they only know how talk kok and no ACTION!!!

Men Open 21km :
1' 19:36 - M. Arul Thevar (6th)
1' 26:44 - Tan Song Hua (10th)
1' 41:06 - Hamidon Mat Aris (18th)
1' 44:29 - Chen Keat Hoong, Pm8 (20th)
1' 48:55 - Lai Fong Sang, Pm38 (27th)
1' 50:35 - Yip Kit Weng (29th)
1' 51:52 - Bong Teck Yong (30th)
1' 51:58 - Zulazlan, Pm43 (31st)
1' 54:55 - KP Tan (39th)
1' 57:40 - Khoo Yit Kiat, Pm28 (48th)
2' 00:01 - Teoh Chun Ming, Pm17 (57th)
2' 11:54 - Gary Chan (92nd)
2' 54:10 - Lim Pueh Tian, Pm1a (69th)

Men Jr. Veteran 21km :
1' 53:30 - AP Tan (19th)
1' 56:41 - Choi Chik Choy, Pm42 (25th)
2' 09:23 - Kelvin Ng, Pm2 (67th)
2' 14:17 - Aeow Cen Peng (85th)
2' 47:46 - Cheong Shih Heng, Pm12 (00th)

Men Open 11km :
45:03 - Ronnie See, Pm1 (10th)

Men Jr. Veteran 11km :
50:39 - Adam Loh, Pm29 (18th)

Women Open 11km :
49:28 - Eng Seok Jiun, Pm11 (2nd)

What : Kota Kemuning Run
When : 15th July 2007
Where : Kota Kemuning, Klang
Distance : 7.4km
Medals : 1st to 20th!

Men Open :
29:28 - Murali (Champion)
29:36 - Gunaselan, Pm39 (2nd)
29:42 - Naresh Kumar, Pm37 (3rd)
31:32 - Saravanan, Pm49 (4th)

der Next Coming Major Series Races for July & Aug:
21st July - Iron Hill Run @ Sg. Besi
22nd July - Larian 10k KL / MII Big Walk
29th July - Melaka Historical Half Marathon (G7 Event)
29th July - Kuantan Beach Run / Larian Utusan 10K
05th Aug - adidas King of the Road (G7 Event)
12th Aug - PJ Half Marathon (G7 Event)
19th Aug - Pacesetters Breakfast Run @ Putrajaya
26th Aug - Subang Jaya 10km Run

50 Ranking Points Jackpot! (Week #5)
6 Event - Guna (Phuket, PBM, IIR, Siemens, Uniten, KKR)
5 Event - Naresh (PBM, IIR, Siemens, Uniten, KKR)
5 Event - Sara (PBM, IIR, Siemens, Uniten, KKR)
4 Event - Chen KH (PBM, IIR, Siemens, SHM)
4 Event - LFS (PBM, IIR, Siemens, SHM)

brought 2u Captain Ron

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