Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I came back from Penang yesterday. I took part in the Bukit Jambul Merdeka Hikathon, held on 26 August 2007. This is my first hikathon experience.

The race has no medals to offer. Top 50 got hampers. I was not in the top 50. Finishers received a certificate. No bibs for participants but participants received a t-shirt.My wrist band number is 1009.

My event started with 2.5 km run on the road with up and down hills. My timing split was 15 min+.

The next 4 km was a hike at Bukit Jambul area. Lots of participants caused congestion in the hiking area. Very tough for me because after the run I had no more energy to hike. Took me more than 1.5 hrs to finish the hike. The route was very slippery as it rained the day before the event. The route was not easy for hiking as there are up and down hills. Certain path had to hold on to the rope when hiking down the steep hills.

My timing for the whole event 2 hrs 11 min 1.86 sec.


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