Monday, August 13, 2007

Kuantan Beach Run - Postpone again!!!!

Dear All,

Pls be informed that MPK has confirmed the Beach run event has been postponed to 21st Oct 2007, which clashes with our Kuantan TC Run. We will have to re-schedule our event and a new date shall be annouced in due course.

Apparantly the reason given by MPK is poor response. What a lame excuse!
Kindly pass the message to your friends whom has registered for the run. I met a Kampar runner complained that he came to Kuantan earlier to collect the running number and was told bluntly that the run had been postponed! Hope this will not happen to again.......:(

Cheers...happy running.

Tan Wah Seng (Kuantan TC Run Organizer)


Pemakluman Kepada Semua Yang Terlibat Dengan Larian Pantai,
Larian Pantai Akan Ditunda Pada 20 Oktober 2007.
Sebarang Masalah Dan Kesulitan Amatlah Dikesali.


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