Monday, August 13, 2007

PJ Half Marathon 2007 - Pia Pictures!


Richard Habeya der Pm26, der Ghana Express!

Naresh der Pm37, still der fatest local PM's in half marathon.

Captim Pm1 all out to beat Chen again...!

Jack Toh der Pm14, ran out of gas last 1km

Chen Pong Pong der Pm8, 2nd time lost to captim again, cinya....!

Khoo Yit Kiat der Pm28, back in form liao!

Lai Fong Sang, der piamaker 38! despite falling down from earth, manage to wake up and pia again.

Tan Boon Seng der Pm16, cinya Smart & Yau Yeng.. phew pit!

CM der Pm17, running until hair also flying

Zulazlan der Pm43, cramp and pia.

Suresh der Pm47, want to decuct his ranking pts liao for not wearing der PM's vest in this important race.

Raymond Ng der Pm48, der face always look very suffer.

Kenny Tan der Pm27, almost in top form, finished half marathon in 1:53

Adam Loh der Pm29, walking oso can get medal.

Kelvin Ng der Pm2, smiling until finish.

Abu der Pm44, der Abu Power!

SJ der Pm11, won 2nd, but prize cinya....aiiiiii !!!

Gunaselan der Pm39, der speedy gunman!

Saravanan der Pm49

brought 2u by Tey Eng Tiong Pm22

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