Saturday, September 08, 2007

Pictures of IMU Charity Run 2007

Der Favourite : Gunaselan @ Pm39

Der speedy man : Naresh Kumar @ Pm37

He must be kena TOTO today, 1st time in my life see him smile in a race : Chen Pong Pong @ Pm8

Wei...!! No pia meh today? Ronnie See @ Pm1

Cinya Young & Dangerous too : TH Lee (Kp Gang)

I'm saving all best for last, see me all out tomoro : Sara der Style @ Pm49

Saturday Runner : William Chan @ Pm36

Rushing to work (no t-shirt allow pls) : Ryan Teoh @ Pm17
Mr. Piamaker (Cinya suffer face) : Lai Fong Sang @ Pm38

Abang Kp Tan : der Sub Pm5

Slow & Easy (prepare for big battle tomoro) : Kenny Tan @ Pm27

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