Thursday, September 27, 2007

PAR 3 - Group Pictures

KNN & TNS, the photo very nice woh, thank to Calvin Sim for such an expert in photographing, most of all I enjoyed the whole event very much and was very tension before and during the run but was full of excitement and fun and everyone was all out to give their best run ever and everyone did their best time and those who did the time trial prior to the event saw vast improvement from them, this run really a KAU KAU LAT run. Kudus to PM1 for organizing such an event which was well received by everyone and also kudus to OX Team for their support and very sporting spirit for completing the run without having fear of being the slowest team to finish. OX Team you guys are GREAT.

Winner #1 : Pacemakers Klang Runners

Winner #2 : KLAVA

Winner #3 : Die Hard 5.0 (KP & Gang)

Winner #4 : Pacemakers Fantastic 5 @ F5
(Steven, LFS, Pm1, Adam & Datuk Yaziz (Reserve)

Winner #5 : My Fair Lady

Winner #6 : de Putrajaya

Winner #7 : der Terminator

Winner #8 : Pacemakers SG Runners
(Yee Hua, Ben Swee, Boon Seng, Ferdinand & Shine (Reserve)

Winner #9 : King of the Road

Winner #10 : KuraKura Sakura

Winner #11 : Team Permaisuri

Winner #12 : Klang

Winner #13 : KL Penguins

Winner #14 : Mid life Runners

Winner #15 : Runners without Borders

Winner #16 : Runners Malaysia

Winner #17 : Outdoor Xplorer (OX) Team 1

Winner #18 : Outdoor Xplorer (OX) Team 1

More Pictures coming soon...
Adam Loh Pm29
Team of Fantastic 5 @ F5

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