Sunday, September 23, 2007

PAR 3 Photos

Photos from PM5 and CC Hoo. Many more dramatic photos will be compiled into a CD

54321 ..... PIA KAU-KAU LAT!!! *poof*

Oh! My Fair Lady...

der Champion Team : Klang Runners

Kelvin Ng : ICBC liao!

Hassan Ghani : Where is der toilet bowl? Quick!!

Lai 2 Lai Pia : Loco Lai & Ferdinand Lai
Raymond Lim : Die hard enuf boh? Not Yet...

Wei.. I'm Fasting lah : Zulazlan, pia wit full throat! Boon Seng split second behind nia.

Kptan : Yes this time I really want to die hard liao!

Pm1 : Cinya!! Glad is over liao!

Yes We Are The Champion!!

THANK YOU Rohaizad!!! (der PAR 3 Main Sponsor)

Say Cheese....

Huray!!! See you next year 2008

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CP Waterman said...

Many many many congrats to all PAR particpants.You have truly showed the world your PIA spirit.