Sunday, September 02, 2007

Shah Alam 10km Run 2007 - Race Report & Pictures

One of der most major fak-up race in history for year 2007

Everything was smooth sailing, n disaster suck after der 2nd roundabout wit juz 500m to finish. I knew it going to finish very soon, my timing was showing at 39mins plus liao. Eventho I miss this event at 2005 & 2006, but I still can remember der route very well. Me not yet lost memories leh...

Wit 500m to finish, after coming out from da big roundabout. Dont know WTF happen, der route marshall was like dreaming nia. As there was a marshall standing there, but he didnt act anything. KNS!! I think he is dreaming at that moment... [insert eat my shiet here]

As I was follow der front pack runner, one person go wrong d other oso follow der same mistake wan. As I was watching my timing, huh? Oredi 43mins liao, is der route change ah this year? Nevermind, I tot der route change. So I still pia, coz I know is going to end soon.

Suddenly I come out from one junction, huh? Wei!!! This route I oredi run liao mah juz now, coz I saw der water station there mah. DEW!!! I quickly turn back, I oso ask der front runner turn back too. All der runners I have sayur, now they are ahead of me liao. Coz everyone oso turning back too, at der moment I was like cinya cinya frust liao!! But I never give up, use all my back up energy to carry on. Deep in my heart cinya wory liao, dont know still got medal left boh?

After coming out from der roundabout, all der runners rushing like mad cow to der finishing line. I pia everything I hv for der last drop, but until 100m left I ran out of steam liao. All runner oso can beat me easily, lucky cross der line still got medal left. Cinya happy, but still very der Amkam like kok! (Frust).

I did make some complain to SAAA, but they say is not their responsibility. Shd be handle by MBSA marshall, but MBSA point finger to SAAA.. TNS!! Nobody want to take der blame.

I will come back again for next year, for revenge! No matter how bad der run is, I will study der map properly liao. Is a lesson to learn now, btw.. der medal cinya sui!!!

Happy time wit Lai Fong Sang

At this hour, I still can smile loh..

Go! Go! Go! Pm1!

100m to finish, see boh? So many of der Men Open categories pia-ing like mad kerbau...

Beauty medal but ugly race!


PETER said...

Hi. The mistake come from the marshall(guy with white shirt). When i arrived at the roundabout, i wanted to go at 3 o'clock but he didn't let me n asked me to go at noon, so i turned back n climbed, everybody following. Seeing my watch, i could see it was more than 10k, been till the intersection with the big screen, asked the policeman n other people, nobody answered so i decided to go back. But the mistake is from the federation. Before the last roundabout there was a small signboard to say to go at 3 o'clock.

Anonymous said...

Yes, real screwed up. Tried to approach an official at the end of the race but was told to 'get out'.

Anonymous said...

Runners are not "gong kiah"!!! Bring us to Holland -kah ????Really "celaka" race of the century! So, the next time before any race, study the road map first!Luckily still got medal-lah, or else FRUST lah!

Running Freeman said...

Hi ,

Goodthing eventhough u took the wrong turn u ended up w/ a nice medal, I thought the Taman melawati is the worst race heehe, as for me I was at the Klang NB Run 4 it. Nicely organized though the route is basically plain paved roads.