Wednesday, November 28, 2007

der Pacemakers #46

" FYI, Former PM46 Sean Quah no longer in Pacemakers team liao, due to his personal reason. And now I welcome you another hardcore runner, Mohd Azali one of der most friendly runner in der world to join der Pacemakers family network! "

My Running Story

I've never been an athlete. I'm still slower than a rhino (actually, maybe rhinos are fast, I don't know. The point is I'm a slow runner). But it's alright with me. I just really enjoy running and feeling fit. My love affair with running began in May of 2006 when I started running with my office colleague who was training for the PJ Half Marathon. We ran once a week together. The feeling of taking this journey with them was priceless. It felt as if we could tackle anything together. The PJ Half Marathon came. It was my first race. I finished proudly, and we all did a great job even with a lousy timing.. oh ya.. it’s only 10KM..not 21Km..hehe..

But, a funny thing happened. I kept running. . it seemed like a healthy thing to do, and when I started training I was soon hooked. It's addictive.

Through the rest of the year, I kept running. I made a decision in Nov of 2006 that I wanted to run a Singapore International marathon in December 2006, I ran my first full marathon in Singapore and I was suffered. No pain No gain principals.. Finally, I cross the finish line. I had missed so much training my body wasn't prepared for what I had just done to it. I can confirm it IS NOT physically impossible for every muscle in your body to cramp AT THE SAME TIME. I hurt so badly. Can’t event walk properly.. But then the disappointment over my race time disappeared, and I realized I had just run a marathon. I kinda went from dejection to pride and satisfaction and since that my mind was quite positive about running, because it helps build endurance. I still remember that first ten minutes after the race was rough. But crossing the finish line was amazing. And then I started having the idea, if I did another one, I bet I could probably do better...

So why not do another one? Or two? Or several?

Will I run the Marathon again? Well at the moment the answer is a firm 'No' but I remember saying that three times before and each time I've come back for more!

I decided to try harder in KLIM 2007. Since then I've run Penang Bridge and recently Second-Link International Marathon. It was a feeling I will never forget. It was one of those milestones we all have in life. So far I’ve completed 4 marathon and and SIM going to be my 5th ..I hope many more to come. ..:)

Running for me isn't necessarily about the races, but the feeling I get when I lace up my shoes and head out the door for just run. I run for the clarity, the peace, the alone time, the ability to get deeper into myself. Some of my best ideas come to me when I run. Running is an integral part of who I am now.

I'm age 31 now and I'll keep running until I can't. Meanwhile this is a wonderful life. Live one day at a time and make it a masterpiece! Hence my decision to continue training for marathons. This year, I'm hoping to beat my time and I may not be the fastest runner, but I strive to be the happiest.

Running is my time. I find it a great way to relieve stress and escape from all of the day-to-day busyness of life. The sense of personal achievement I get from running is also amazing.

Talk about my family, I married with 2 kids and all are my good supporter.!!..

Before signing off I must say a big thank you to my family, PM1 and Der Pacemakers friends…

Mohd Azali @ Pm46


C-CUBE said...

Azali, welcome onboard to this pia kau kau lat ship.

Tey said...

welcome abang Azali !!

CP Waterman said...

Welcome fellow runner Azali!
Hey when is our captain going to run his maiden full marathon huh?

VetRunner said...

Welcome aboard, mate..

John said...

Welcome! Welcome! Take pride that you've run more full marathons than our Captain who has not even started one yet! hehehe!

Penguin 2 (Meng) said...


You have joined the correct running fraternity with the "pia kau kau " spirit. This is the only "running gang" in Malaysia that is young, dynamic, energetic and vibrant etc.

Keep it up man !!!

Anonymous said...

Hi All, Thanks a lot for your warm welcome to me.. appreciated! hope to meet u all soon..cheers!

Azali (PM46)