Saturday, November 24, 2007

Fridge Magnet - Latest Update

Again, cinya cinya thank you to all my "Peng You" (Friends) for this wonderful souvenir gift, cinya appreciate it. Now my fridge is overload liao, ahahaha!

1) Sydney @ Australia from Tey Eng Tiong
2) ?? (cinya paiseh, dont know who give me this magnet liao) :P
3) Bali @ Indonesia from Eng Seok Jiun
4) Angkor Wat @ Combodia from Geraldine Low

1) Chiangmai @ Thailand, from Kptan
2) Chiangmai @ Thailand, from Kptan
3) Laos @ Laos, from Kptan

1) Kota Kinabalu @ Sabah, from Eng Seok Jiun
2) Tower Bridge @ UK, from Phyllis Kok
3) Kota Kinabalu @ Sabah, from Tey Eng Tiong
4) Kuching @ Sarawak, from Raymond Ng

brought 2u by pm1


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