Thursday, November 08, 2007

Klava Deepavali Relay 081107

Family member of Pacemaker and friends

der Pacemakers KL : Pm1, Ryan Teoh & Chen Pong Pong

Der Pacemakers Lite & Eazy : Kevin, C3 n LFS.

Leading pack : Naresh, PM1 n Raymond

I stand centre, lucky no kena langgar.

Naresh 2nd runner return, cinya..tough look.

Pm1 pia every like no business, as usual enjoy and pia race

Finally pass to CM...!

Aiyoo...sweat until my eye also can't see liao ?!

Oxygen not enough

Cinya tough, lucky only 1.93km nia

Kevin keep run uphill,salute his pia spirit

Murali..cinya fast n strong

Pace by Tomato Ng, Vincent look motivate n pia

Pm1 cheers for CM at toughest uphill

Almost reach Chen Fong Fong hand liao,don't give up !

C3 look cinya enjoy uphill

Guna confirm his team champion, but don't late next time ya....haha

Khoo no all out, but also dam fast.

Chen PR in his one lap of this 1.93km run, but also slower among elite

If u double click this photo,this is Mr Pia's brand face,cinya....!!!!

P/S:Please visit Pm22's album for more photos, Thanks !

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