Thursday, November 01, 2007

Mizuno Wave Idaten

Hai... my friends,

Now got sale at Dataran Hamodal, Block A, Level 2, No.4, Jalan Bersatu 13/4, Petaling Jaya. Normal Prize is Rm300 plus, but now they got Mizuno Discount Sale.

The picture that I attached is racing shoe, only @ RM130 don't miss!

P. Naresh Kumar (Leo) Pm37


C-CUBE said...

this shoe the review said that the grip on the sole as you hit the tarmac is no very firm for a racer. and also i dont like the velcro strap. a string system is always better so that you can hv the option to tighten or loosen the shoe. just my 2 cts!!!! The Idaten 2 which was launch is a better model, and they do away with the velcro strap!!!!

pm3athlete said...

good triathlon shoe ... faster transition

Abu Soffian said...

Aiyaa...manyak mulah...

TomatoMan said...

i went to the sale last nite. some mizuno models start from rm80....good buy good buy!!!
they also have some reebok, adidas and nike models