Thursday, November 22, 2007

PM Dictionary

To the uninitiated or new visitors of PM1’s website/shoutbox, the plethora of terms used by the Pacemakers or regular contributors may not be easily or immediately understood. In line with that, we have come up with what is known as the “Pacemakers Dictionary of Running” to help with the "settling-in" process. We have tried to be as comprehensive as we can, but if there are any further terms which require clarification please drop us an email.

Pacemakers Dictionary of Running


5-4-3-2-1 Pooooof!
A countdown mechanism employed by PM1 just before disappearing from his office every 5:30pm for his run.

as in "Fxxked". Also known in various forms as "Amkong" and "Amtiu".

Ayam Goreng Telur Bubur Back
A corruption of the term "I am back" usually used by PM1 in the Shoutbox upon his return from lunch

This refers to the heinie of the runner in front of you which functions as a reference point when attempting to make a pass. Sometimes also used as a pacing point of reference.

Bayern Munchen
Uber football club in the Bundesliga. Adored and fiercely protected by Chen PM8. Bayern has yet to endorse the Flying Pig logo as the official jersey crest.

Alternative "Bo". Literally translated "or not". Example: "You ran 10k yesterday boh?"


A catalyst for higher performance usually involving an increase in running pace or form. This element is a much sought after commodity be it during training runs or races.

Example: Ajeep immediately strode purposefully, chest out, upon spotting 2 chicks 100 metres ahead of him.

A body that attracts chicks.

Example: The Penguins are natural chick-magnets. A congregation of chicks are usually found near each or amongst the group of flightless birds

See definition of Chicks

Literal translation "very" or "extremely". Although it is an adverb, "cinya" has been abused in the shoutbox and in used in various forms, as a form of expression, e.g "I only ran 3km yesterday before it started raining cats and dogs, CINYA" or "CINYA! I saw Haile Gebrselassie running with Paul Target at KLCC Park yesterday! CINYA!"

as in "The"

Did Not Finish

Did Not Start


Swedish word for "speed play" and not to be confused with the expulsion of bodily gases. Also a favourite running style of a certain TPC. Another xxample: Ronnie's favourite fartlek workout comprises of alternating 100m jogs and 100m pickups

Derivative of Fartlek, known only to Chen

Fong Fei Kei
Alternative "FFK", to stand up someone. Example: "Pm19 was supposed to meet me yesterday at KLCC, but he FFK me!"

Also known as done or complete. According to Nike, "there's no finish line".

Means going really fast for example, "Look at Chen. He's literally flying past
See also Pig.

Alternative drink to Gatorade and 100 Plus, the contents of which are known only to PM8

Global Positioning System technology found on sports and navigation gear. Example: "C3, please bring along your GPS Kok!"

Recommended ale by Chen. See also Pig



Home to the KLCC Park where many of Der_Pacemakers do their workouts. Each undulating and therefore challenging loop is 1.3K in length.

Kau Kau Lat
As in "All Out". Can be used in conjunction with other terms example "I pangsai kau kau lat", "He pia kau kau lat till the end."

Abbreviation of Kan Nee Neh. An affectionate greeting amongst Der_Pacemakers although usage outside this group is not advisable and may be detrimental to one's well being.

Cock. The male species of the chicken. But can be used in combination with another word. See "GPS". Can also allude, for mysterious reasons, to the male appendage/genitalia. See "KKC".

Kuku Chiao. Also means the male genitalia. See "Kok".

Liao as in "Already". Example: "I'm cramping liao".

Lake Gardens. Now a familiar haunt of certain Pacemakers.

Gutter. Can either be related to irrigation or a fashion sense of our southern neighbours, guaranteed to get the pulse racing. The said fashion sense can best be observed on Fridays.

Crazy in Spanish. Usually the term to address the official quantity surveyor of the team ie Larry "Loco" Lai.

Medal (noun).
Refers to the Finisher's Medal one gets after completing an event. Can also be a Placing Medal for finishing in the top percentile of each race category. Used in the context of the Pacemaker Team, medal collection dominates the minds of runners like Ronnie and Chen.

Example: "This event offers medals or not? How many?" Chen would ask.

as in "Only". Example: "I ran 40K today nia".


PB. Personal Best.
This refers to achieving a lower time over a measured distance.

Example: Newton churns out PB's at the KLCC track at a rate of 1 PB for every 5 runs. Also see Personal Record.

To take a piss. Usually due to too much ingestion of malt based alcohol or Gatrode (see also Gatrode).

To take a dump. An activity usually associated with PM1 prior to races, although most runners have been afflicted with this at one point or another during important races (eg Frank Shorter in Fukuoka), example PM19 in 2006's KLIM, where he had to pangsai in the bushes by the side of the road and substituted leaves for toilet paper.

PR. Personal Record.
Used more in the American context. Also see Personal Best

Also known as Hog. Pigs usually don't fly but Der_Flying Pig does.

Pia as in "Run like bat out of hell"



Sayor (Bahasa Malaysia)
Literal translation means vegetable. In runner's terminology, when used with the word potong ie potong sayor, it means overtaking runners in a

Salazar, Alberto
American of Cuban descent, one-time world record holder in the marathon, and most notably the 3 time winner of the New York City Marathon, the winner of the 90K Comrades Ultra Marathon in South Africa. Involved in a thrilling duel with Dick Beardsley. Current consults and trains runners at Nike under the Oregon Project.

Sibo as in "Is it?"

Track, Der
The place where speed and toughness are honed, and bragging rights are earned. Also a place where manhoods are proven. Usually presided by a clipboard toting elderly coach with a 2:45 PR in the marathon. The speed menu usually
involves running round the oval track in mindless fashion until one collapses in pain and exhaustion.

Tan Lui Kong
Thunder in Hokkien, usually used to indicate that it will rain soon. Example: "KLCC skies dark, tan lui kong liao!". See also "Liao".

Tiu Nia Seng. Swear word in Cantonese freely and affectionately used in the Shoutbox, example, "TNS! PM19 overtook me in the last 100 metres!" Can also be appended to one's identity example Justin Lee Nia Seng.



Who Der Kok. Commonly known as "Who the hell". Example: "Who der kok are you?".



Zero. Nil

In context of daily life, this word reflects either a loser or one who has no ability. Since running promotes a sense of brotherhood and personal accomplishments, this word does not come up in a runner's vocabulary. However, for a person of poor health who seeks better fitness and healthier lifestyle by abandoning a bad diet/smoking to take up running, this person is known to have transformed from zero to hero.


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Aiyo, missed out the explanation for 'jialat'.

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Additional words/abbr. to be defined:-
Body Glide, IPBR (Int. Penang bridge run), SIM (Singapore inter marathon), Singing like Michael Jackson, Petronas petrol station, sapu lantai, Ayam back,

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