Sunday, December 16, 2007

Kuantan City Relay : DNS & TNS!

Cinya Amkam like kok (Frust), der whole team of Der Pacemakers Network did not make it to Kuantan. Actually all together we hv 3 Teams (Men 2 Teams & Lady 1 Team). Due to heavy rain like waterfall until flood like submarine in East Malaysia which oso include Kuantan too.

During der 2 wks of our preparation, we done a lot of homework. Such as taking time trial for all our runner, so we can hv proper line up during der big event. Which everyone turn up without fail, some even sick oso come for der training (cinya touching). Accomodation & Transport has been arrange by our QS Mr. Lai Fong Sang. But in d end, due to der safety of der runners. We decided not to go loh, later can go in, and kenot come out lagi susah loh. Safety more important, there are plenty of race to come. So I hope my team member dont Amkan anymore ya.

Der only word I can say to my team member is SORRY :( sob.. sob..


ah loong said...

geram still happy ,

Running in the flood in the Kuatan?


such a small race also need i.c

the Organiser should know raining seasons on the December month ever since he/she staying there.

anyway , it is alright for me , cause i'm too tired to go leh.

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as bad weather

What a bunch of losers.

julie said...

Depending on how you look at the scenario. Precaution is better than prevention. I would have done the same of pulling my team out instead of being a hero.

Afterall, Sports suppose to be fun and fulfilling - staying healthy physically and mentally. Afterall, there are so many runs all year round. Safety must ALWAYS be the top priority instead of being a Hero. The price could be too high for you to pay and it will be too late to regret.

der PACEMAKER, keep up your Team & Sportmanship spirit!