Sunday, December 23, 2007

Training wit famous Tay Poh Chye

Cinya happy n honour to have der opportunity training together wit Tay Poh Chye. I oredi started wit my GE30K training liao, together wit Kenny Tan. Last thurs we did 20K wit Mr. Chan group, so this week we plan for minimun of 25K. So hor, we oso invite Tay Poh Chye to join along lah since I always saw him running alone nia. Wanna make friend wit him mah.

We start our ran at 6.30am bcoz Kenny was late due to his pangsai n lausai. Lim Bee Hoon oso join us in der group, however after 4km she drop off liao. Poh Chye very consistance, always ahead of me n Kenny. To my surprise, Poh Chye really did der Farlek for der whole journey to Sri Hartamas. So all of us safely landed together at der petrol station including covering der loop wit der timing of 57m 52s.

I keep remind Poh Chye dont pia so hard, still long way to go, n he shy-shy say ok. However after 1km of running, Kenny n Poh Chye battle neck to neck liao. I was 10 to 20m behind them, couldn't keep up wit their pace yet. My only chance to get near them was at der Mosque hill, then we manage to pace together again. However after der downhill, Poh chye farlek us again kau-kau lat. Yew! he really make us running very hard, after running until der Tijani hill, Kenny Tan oredi in red light liao. Finally after 18km, Kenny drop off der pace. So is only me & Poh Chye battle. And yet he still got plenty of energy to farlek, cinya unbelievable. My plan is juz to follow him, whenever I get near him. Sure he will tekan kau-kau lat, so I musr ran quitly behind his back lah haha!

After completed our 20K mark, is time for der hardest course. That is running inside der Lake Garden loop, which we need to complete 2 loop. Rachel Lee was oredi there waiting for us, she is preparing us der water station for every loop that we ran, that is making sure we got water to drink. Cinya thank you to my lovely wife, else we thirst like kok. haha!

Split Times:

9.76km - 53:19.96
0.92km - 04:32.70 > 0h 57m 52s (Hartamas loop)
9.56km - 47:31.35 > 1h 45m 24s (until bkt aman trafik light)
0.60km - 03:46.50 > 1h 49m 10s (along der way to Lake Garden)
0.23km - 11:26.61 > 2h 00m 34s (LG loop)
0.23km - 11:02.40 > 2h 11m 36s (25.44km)

Tey Poh Chye finish @ 2h 12m 12s
Kenny Tan finish @ 2h 16m 33s

After completing our 25K ran, I told Poh Chye I was trying to follow him. But he say, he oso trying hard to follow me. No wonder we suffer like kok, coz misunderstanding loh. haha.. And sumore he told me yday he oredi did 2hr plus ran liao, wahh... make me cinya speechless nia.

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