Wednesday, December 05, 2007

User Friendly Blog

Cinya damn happy like kok, now der Pacemakers blog no more got pop up liao. So everyone are welcome to visit my blog n safe to click watever U want to click lah, thanks to DK who help me to overhaul der whole system. Really appreciate it!

brought 2u by Pm1


CP Waterman said...

I also had similar problem with my blog and had searched high & low for the culprit. Finally 'kau tim' the online counter. Job well done!

Penguin 2 (Meng) said...

Congratulations !!!

I also feel cinya happy for u.

This is because everyday, I visit your blog, all the "lan ciau" pop up screens will appear and most of the times, it just hangs there. Cinya "tulan". Now, o.k. liau and very good.

Keep up the good work man !!!