Sunday, January 27, 2008

Circuit Run I - Race Report

What : Ambank KLIM Circuit Run I
When : 27th January 2008
Where : Lake Garden, Kuala Lumpur
Distance : 2.3km per loops
Duration : 1h 15m for 42km / 1 hour for 21km
Medal : 1st to 3rd Only n FREE entry for KLIM2008

I'm very fak-up wit der FTAAA timekeeper, according to their entry from. Half Marathon duration time is only 1 hour n full marathon is 1hour 15mins. Wit der last loop to go, I pia kau-kau 100% of my energy liao. I was very happy I have completed my 6 loops within 1 hour, then I totally stop. Suddenly der TNS timekeeper as me to carry on, he say still go 15mins more to go. I was totally shock, I told him not 1 hour meh? Then he never reply me back, that make me very der kan cheong, should I carry on or not? Cuase I was in medal position, very risky if I just have stop it like this. So I really got no choice, need to pia for another loops. Which I was oredi tired like kok liao, I saw der watch that I still got 15mins more to go. So die die oso I wont finish that slow, I'm only worried that I will be sayur by other runners same category wit me. And thanks god nobody was behind me during der 7th loops, and when I completed my 7th looops. Nobody was there to take my timing, I was very der amkan. After that I went to official counter n TNS them kau-kau lat to release my anger cuase I was oredi very der hungry n angry.

My split time for 2.3km
02.3km - 09'21.18
04.6km - 09'36.44 > 18' 57.62
06.9km - 09'54.33 > 28' 51.95
09.2km - 09'56.73 > 38' 48.68
11.5km - 10'05.59 > 48' 54.27
13.8km - 10'01.65 > 58' 55.92 (official time)
16.1km - 10'25.74 > 69' 21.76 (pancit kau-kau lat)

Position : 1st Runner Up wit Medal!

For result, kindly click for FTAAA website!

Eng Seok Jiun aka Pm11 (D62) Champion in Women Open for Full Marathon category.

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