Wednesday, January 23, 2008



2007 - NARESH KUMAR @ PM37

Hardcore because:
1) Der fastest local pacemakers, very consistent race results week in and week out. Not easy to beat him although he is not in good form.

2) He has participated in 43 races this year and awarded with 43 medals (100% successful rate) He took part 18 events without a break from 24/6/2007 until 9.9.2007. Der best part is he joined 3 races in 3 days at 3 different states.

17.8.2007 (Kuala Terengganu),
18.8.2007 (Gunung Jerai, Kedah),
19.8.2007 (Nascom charity run, Petaling Jaya).
Greatest salute to him!

3) He won der PMs' medal tally champion 2 years in a row since he was invited to join PM group in 2006. Dia amat mengharumkan nama PM, cinya!


2006 - LAI FONG SANG @ PM38

Hardcore because:
1) Setting der most PRs for himself at KLCC with less than a year in running, smashing record after record in KLCC.

2) He really shows us der spirit of pia, he has been nicknamed Prefontaine or Locomotive for all his hard running, when he runs, there's no slow runs, no matter what he said beforehand.

3) der Most improve n hardcore runners of der year 2006!


2005 - TEY ENG TIONG @ PM22

Hardcore because:
He has done something that no one else dared to do, 4 marathons in 4 weeks. Truly unbelievable! Salute! Salute! Fantastic! And der best part was, he saved his best time for der last marathon! Obviously he wasn't tired.

Amazing record of 4 marathons in a row (back to back) :
28.11.04 (Time 4:51:59) Bangkok International Marathon
05.12.04 (Time 5:15:53) Singapore International Marathon
12.12.04 (Time 4:58:31) Tseng Wen International Marathon
19.12.04 (Time 4:13:19) ING Taipei International Marathon


2004 - JUSTIN LEE @ PM19

Hardcore because:
1) Amazing mileage of 130km per week until Tulangman kenot smell his smoke in KLIM 2005. His timing was 1h 35m 04s still stand until now with no other PM's managed to break it.

2) Der most improved and consistent runner of Pacemakers within a short period of time. Rain or shine, never give up on running, when he is sick, he is still itching to run!

3) Knows der running tradition inside out! Cinya!


2003 - RONNIE SEE @ PM1

Selected because:
1) Founder of der Pacemakers, slowly built up and strengderning der team over der time. At present, Pacemakers consist of 54 members and 6 sub members. It is also well known among der running community in Klang valley.

2) Really have der passion in running, have been involved in road races since 1995 and still very active until now. Moreover he can maintain consistent performance for all der races.

3) His dedication in running to public, never give up attitude and giving very good motivation/inspiration for newbies and slow runners.

brought 2u by pm1


chongwah said...

Congrats to all the bunch of crazy runners. susah mau emulate either 1 of your unique achievement la.

c u guys around... on the road...

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Most of all, dey are not sombong wan, always very friendly and inspirational to us slow runners!