Monday, January 21, 2008

Great Eastern 30K Run - Race Report

Ekceli hor, I very worry u know. Bcoz hor, I only did one 30K training three week b4 der actual race. Then der following week hor I got sick liao, flu lah.. sore throat lah.. cough lah, lausai lah.. cinya geram everything come b4 der one week time. After recover a bit liao, only left me one week to train kau-kua lat. That mean no tapering at all for me, doing a lot of tempo run. I jus rested on friday n sat nia. My only hope is to do sub 2.30 then I'm happy like kok liao.

Arrived at 5.05am, car park at Lake Garden almost half fill up liao. Lucky I'm early, after that quickly do my big business. TNS! der queue at toilet was do damn long, average each person pangsai take 6 to 7 mins. Cinya amkan like kok, my shit almost want to come out liao. Finally 5.50am I all done liao, doing a bit of stretching n warm up n ready to pia liao.

54321 *poof*
6.00am sharp, der race officially start. I was standing at der front row, so it was smooth sailing for me all der way. I manage to pace wit Berry Lee, Guna, Hamidon & Din, all this runners are very der fast kok wan. CB Leow was way way ahead of all of us, cinya powerful his starting speed.

Anyway hor, my main target is to follow Berry Lee. Coz he is der most experience runner in long distance run, he can do 4.30 pace for full marathon. So wat der kok is 30K mean to him? Running above half marathon u really need to have a patient wan, this Hamidon he kenot tahan wit der pacing. So he make der breakaways, Guna oso follow der act. I stil stuck wit Berry, but I know Berry soon will start his turbo liao.

After 8km plus, all der pacer seperated liao. Berry going faster n faster liao, I kenot keep up wit him anymore liao. After I sayur Guna, he was never in der battle anymore. And before I completed my double hill route I oso manage to sayur CB Leow, my timing showing at 52min 08sec. After 12km plus, I saw Hamidon stop immediately, and he say he pancit liao (DNF). So all my pacer gone liao, Berry was very far ahead liao. Lucky I still have Din to follow, and so on I juz focus sayuring all der 20K runners oso loh.

After 17km plus, Din oso in red light liao, he ask me to go ahead. I saw Don Khor, after few km he oso kong liao. So hor der last 10K very suffering for me, no pacer anymore liao. All left is 20K runners nia, I ran solo all der way without any 30K runners to seen. After completed der upkok Tijani hill, cinya happy kok liao. That is where I start my turbo n negative split all der way until finishing line. Completed der course wit der timing of 2hours 24mins 03sec for 30.64km under Dr. Jamie GPS kok. Why Pacesetters always keep changing der course route? Want to PR oso kenot liao. Something need to be done right here. Coz our Pacemakers President oredi make complain liao.

Wat happen to der top seeded Kenny Tan? Experience Chen Foong Foong? Speedy gongalez Guna? & Super powerful Vincent Tiong? I feel very sad for them, they should have done better than me.

Base on my today perfomance, I think hor still not qualify to ran marathon. I dont have der patient for another 12km, cinya long way to go u know. My heart are strong, but my leg are not. :( sob.. sob..

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C-CUBE said...

u running 30k at 2.24 still no heart to do marathon arhhh, wat abt ppl like me who run 3hrs in 30k and still have to run another 1.5hrs to complete 42k. cinya!!!!

yipwt said...

very good timing...congrats.

run marathon should be easy for your timing. Just run a bit slower la...enjoy the run...then sure can kaotim marathon

Sling Runner said...

Good run. I think a 3:30 marathon is possible as long as you consistently do long runs.

Sling Runner

Anonymous said...

Rashid's Nike+ said 30K distance was ekceli 33.1 km? Which one is true?

Ronnie See said...

Maybe 2009 I will do a marathon liao, but not in KLIM lah, der only place for me to run a marathon it will be der one n only.... Singapore Marathon!

Thanks, will try my best.. give me 1 more yrs ok.. haha!

Thanks for der advice, will noted it.

Imposible to be 33.1km.. Nike+ measurement are not so acurate wan. I think Choi n Jamie GPS watch are der most acurate.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Ronnie. Got something shameful to share with everyone. I saw the Pacesetters Bukit Jalil group leader (Yong) cheated. He didn't make the uphill u-turn at sri hartamas. he just waited at the pertronas station because he got a friend who gave him extra ribbon!

What a despicable thing to do as a group leader! I hope PACM president or any of the committee members, Munning read this!

He is not fit to become a group leader!

C-CUBE said...

Annoy, like tat also can arhhh!!!. But no proof leh, cannot simply accused ppl like tat. After kena backfire how?

Ronnie See said...

HI Anonymous,

Thanks for der info, btw do u have any proof for that? No one going to believe u, unless u show some proof (black n white)?

Thing can simply eat, but kenot simply say. Later U make him very shy then susah liao.

The whole world is reading this u know.. haha!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know no black and white proof (should have brought my camera along). That's the thing. He has been bragging (his achievement and cheat) to alot of people too. I can't disclose it.

Unless they step up to say something, then it's a different story.

Sigh! Oh well, anything to make him happy.

julie@klava said...

Congrat Ronnie. U did well n if u train more, 42k is sum sum sui liao.

Anonymous, no need to get upset. Remember ONE principle - Nothing is fair in this World but God is fair. Whatever we do, we r answerable to our self conscience. So, keep that true Sportman spirit n keep running

Ara Boy said...

Well done Ronnie...Congrats...
Y 2009 to do a full...y not this year's SIM...? Join Me Bro...!

Anonymous said...

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