Tuesday, January 29, 2008


"Impossible Is Nothing" Wear Test Program

Cinya nice of Mr. Krishnan offered me der adidas Supernova Cushion 7 (EE), this is der 1st time in my life I got free shoe for testing. After 30days of test run, must prepare report. Jialat! That is der most worry part for me, I scare I write all rojak english.

Very nice of Krishnan explain to me der shoe condition, and der shoe got 7 new type of technology. Fuyo! I listen oso sweat come out, make me so kan cheong nia.

So far I have tested der shoe once, very cushioning but a bit heavy base on my weight. And I believe this shoe is more suitable for those heavyweight runners, n who need more cushion especially u are hardcore on long distance run.

Beside me, Kenny Tan Pm27 & Choi Pm42 oso got der shoe. Cinya happy for them too, I wish more PM's to get der shoe. Condition must be a blogger for then a year, according to Kenny Tan.

Pictures courtesy from Choi aka Pm42, Choi oso got der same shoe as me. You can read his Shoe report @ http://seecube.blogspot.com/

brought 2u by pm1


Runnerz said...

A bit on the heavy side but just a bit (my adistar lagi heavy). But I believe it's a good shoe as I owned the 6th edition. Enjoy 30 days with it!

慧沁 Wai Sum said...

hey!I have got mine also! in blue... I am ok with the weight, it is definitely lighter compare to my current pair of N-brand shoes!

Anonymous said...

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