Sunday, January 13, 2008

Trophy for Kenny Tan Hock Chye!

Main sponsor for Pacemakers Network Run 2008, Mr Lai Fong Sang decided to folk out his own pocket money for making another position trophy for Kenny Tan. This is because he is der most Amkan runner among all der Amkan ones, he miss der trophy position only by 16sec under Age Group of 30-34 category. Which is der most hardcore category among other category. So he deserve to get this hard earn trophy, total number of trophy were give out are 40 from 88 runners taking part. Bernama!

Men Age 30 - 34 [13.8km] :
(top 10 only)
0' 56.50 - Murali Nathan a/l Kanarajah (1st)
0' 58.22 - Naresh Kumar a/l P.Panjimanadan, Pm37 (2nd)
0' 58.36 - Gunaselan a/l Rajagopal, Pm39 (3rd)
0' 59.48 - Ronnie See, Pm1 (4th)
1' 03.28 - Khoo Yit Kiat, Pm28 (5th)
1' 03.42 - Ahmad Farid Ellias (6th)
1' 04.11 - Mohd Azali Abdullah (7th)
1' 04.27 - Kenny Tan, Pm27 (8th)
1' 09.01 - Raymond Ng, Pm48 (9th)
1' 09.02 - Mohd Hailmi Masro (10th)

Smile Smile : Yeah!! My well deserve trophy!!

Kiss Kiss : Happy like a kok again!


Anonymous said...

Lai and Ronnie , especially Lai , TQ very much for this trophy . You didn't have to change the rules for me actually . But ... you did it for me and I very touched . I didn't expect it .

Very very "kam tung"

Kamsiah !!

regards ,
Kenny Tan

Anonymous said...

Kenny Tan,
Your overall position was 19th, total trophies given out was 39. So do you think you deserve it? The answer is definitely yes! And your timing were impressive too.