Tuesday, February 05, 2008

der Pacemakers #14

(Note : Pm14 formerly known as Jack Toh, however he decided to hang shoe liao. He say he not so active anymore as before liao, he wanted to have a break for a time being. And now I welcome you der replacement killer for Jack Toh, another Pia kaki Mr. Nazib Ng. Watch out for this fella, his improvement go up like rocket.. CINYA!!)

My Background
Name: Nazib Ngainin
D.O.B: 26th November 1980
Start running seriously: Since Power Run’07
My own blogspot: http://runnaz.blogspot.com

Born and grow up in Kampung Kerinchi, KL but currently living in Taman Desa. I’m not born as talented or good runner. During primary school until secondary school, I over a lot exposed in sport like football, hockey, volleyball, handball and represent in long jump and triple jump in School Sport Day.

When I leave school/ college life until working now, I just involved and enjoy playing football and futsal, but this sport is often make me injury. How I get involved in the running era Since one day when I surf the internet, I see with zulazlan blog (http://www.runner.hitouch2u.com/), one of Pacemaker member. Since then, I had visited the blog and looking + read the report and more update info about running activities. From there also I was linked to Der_Pacemaker Network blog (http://pm1.blogspot.com/) his own Ronnie @ PM1.

Finally, I took the drastic decision to join Power Run’07, without do have any training preparation, experience and running shoes for the run. It has become my worst first experience running, I struggled to finish that run. Praise to God, finally I managed to complete the run in 1 hour 20 minute for distance 10km. I don’t know, how much pit-stop, I stop…huhuhu

After that race, I start ask more about running through shout box in zulazlan blog. I started took part in competition, from that I start make more member as Ronnie, Zulazlan, LFS, Kenny Tan, Azali (Pacemaker member), Adan, Sham, Farid, Ida, Fadzli, Hailmi, Afad and more..Sorrylah cannot type all name lah...

On 31 January 2008 at 3:58pm; I have been invited by Ronnie @ PM1 @ Captain to join Der_Pacemaker family network. Huyooo!!!! I’m so happy, it was very unbelievable for me to engage in Pacemaker member and it was also encourage me to be more seriously active in this sport. As a new runner + slow runner + pace like kuda kepang, I wish get guidance from Ronnie, pacemaker member and all better/ experience runner, to make me good runner. I greatly appreciate it. Cinya!!! Huhuhu…

Ok! “Bila time race nanti, jumpa kat jalan, tegur-tegurlah jangan sombong lak” huhuh...

Nazib @ Pm14


CP Waterman said...

Hi Naz
Welcome to Der pacemakers family.

aka sub pacemaker SPM1

Tey said...

welcome naz,sure u will need pia little big more.