Sunday, February 17, 2008

Kenny Tan Pm27 PR in Hong Kong Marathon 2008

"Ron, I very happy coz PR in marathon 3:41:35 but there quite cold. Report will be in my blog after i come back in few days time."

Kenny Tan Personal Record in 42.195km :
17.02.2008 - 3hr 41m 35s (HK Marathon)
12.02.2007 - 3hr 52m 09s (SG Marathon)
18.03.2007 - 3hr 56m 51s (KLIM)
03.12.2006 - 4hr 09m 02s (SG Marathon)

After der big operation in March 2007, making him more even stronger! He make everything posibble, cinya salute with his patient spirit! Sumore he is der Asthma-Man, putting a lot of runners to shame :P


C-CUBE said...

The man who does the interview for the Most Hardcore PM may turn out to be the Most Hardcore PM for 2008, cinya!!!.

No question abt it because I have seen him in action and probably in no time he shud be hitting sub3.30. There was once when he give me 15mins handicap on our run back from Petronas to Bkt Aman, and he potong sayur me at the entrace in the carpark.

Kenny, just fly out to Gold Coast Marathon 2008 in July and I am sure sub3.30 will be within ez vege for you.

Runnerz said...

SALUTE! Kenny, follow me to Melbourne Marathon this coming October ler. I wanna pace with you. Hehe...

Anonymous said...

TQ both of you for the well wishes . I don't mind running in Australia but I have to save money 1st ...hihih unless you all want to sponsor :)


Saiful Kodi said...

Congrate to PM27 Kenny Tan..he train hard!!

Kit Weng said...

hey Kenny, Congrats! I knew you could do it. Now for the next run...