Friday, March 28, 2008

Countdown - 2 More Day to KLIM 2008

Have collected ur bib liao? If not, pls do so. This yr they gave ugly t-shirt again for 1/2 marathon, and they expect all der runners to wear? That baju I will use it for kain lantai maybe lah. Wear oso very der suay (malang) wan, better wear wat u feel is comfortable ya.

brought 2u by pm1


Sling Runner said...


I am a runner from Singapore. Based on your experience, is the KL Half Marathon route accurate? Because I heard from other people that last year they ran an extra loop hence the distance was actually close to 22k.

Sling Runner said...

not sure lah, this yr d route change agian. so very hard to compare liao. last yr was 21.9km. Nice to know u.. u r damn fast fast lah. hehe..

Anonymous said...

Hey PM1, funny blog.
I am Simon, from the KK marathon committee, I hope we can meet with you on Sunday, looking forward to having you and your friends to visit KK in October for our small but fun marathon.
Two of us are doing the half and one will be doing the full on Sunday.
Surely the saying is 'no pain, no complain'

C-CUBE said...

KK fren, call us out when u see someone wearing der Pcemaker vest on Sunday. We are friendly ppl and need more frenz from Der Land Beneath Der Wind, will cari you in my next trip to Mt Kinabalu climb!!!!