Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Countdown - 4 More Day to KLIM 2008

Cinya sai leh! This year we have more Pacemakers and frens running der full marathon than der half! Although der group will be bigger this year, we oso still try to get some group snapshots in lah. So, after u finish and got your ice-cold drinks from Ng Ping Loong, just walk to der area in front of der tents by der A-boards (advertising boards). Usually we gather there to cheer der finishers wan. It's a bit tricky to get a pre-race group photo - some wan to go pangsai lah, some wan to go panjiu lah, some wan to go stretch or warmup lah.. some come late lah! Cinya!

BTW, it is not compulsory wear PM vest. Coz it doesn't suit everyone for full marathon, sekali nen nen or ketiak also bleeding. However, if are desire for der 3 kali bonus points.. hahaha!

Brought 2 u by PM1

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Tan BoSe said...

Ron, count me in 21km