Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Medal of Pacemakers Anniversary Run 2008

S A M P L E * O N L Y !

Jaw dropping, saliva inducing 5-Star design. Ranks high in the collector index. Puts to shame the medals offered by other "established" events. Truly effort has been put into the smallest details! Cinya ho liao! - Dr. Jamie Pang, Pm5

"byk perubahan pada reka bentuk medal..sgt menarik...sgt mengiurkan...hrp ia dapat memberi ilham baru pada smua organiser di Malaysia...jgn bikin medal cincai....tahniah pacemakers" - Naz, Pm14

"I can't wait to collect my first unique oval shape medal !! Good Job, paCeMaker !! This medal indicate team work . To all my team members remember to pose for photos together with the medal. I want to update my scrap bOOk" - Mitchelle Looi

"A unique and beautiful medal coupled with a “great message” behind it, that put other medals to shame." - Frank Chong

"Wah, the medals really canggih lah and also live to your Pacemaker theme ie 'Pia'.
I am sure my team members would agreed to the lovely design of the medal and also will 'Pia' on the day of the race." - Tony Quay, P3

"Der last two runners holding hand signifies der cinya close bond between PM and network of frenz" - Choi, Pm42

brought 2u by pm1

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aharis said...

Wah! cantik. Am i will welcome?