Monday, March 17, 2008

My 21K Long Slow Distance (LSD) Episode 2

My 2nd LSD long run turn out to be very enjoyfull, cause this time got many pacer. Stanley Cheong der new comer in running world, Tay Poh Chye & Raymond Ng. Actually my body still not fully recover from my wed speed work, which turn out to be very suffering wan. So hor, my plan is to follow TPC tight tight, however after 1km this Stanley leg oredi hot liao. So TPC oso kenot tahan it & battle Stanley, I juz follow behind nia. After 6km plus, TPC oredi shown red light liao. Then Raymond Ng came along and lead der pack, so we all safely reach hartamas for refuel energy.

On 2nd half back to Bkt Aman, all manage to pace together. However after Jln Duta roundabout, all der gapping getting futher n further liao. That mean hor, I hv to run solo all der way back to Bkt Aman loh. I got try to slow down a bit, but non of them want to get close to me, I think all tired liao. So I decided to pia all der way to finishing line liao.

Here are My Split time :
9.660km - 49m 29.31s (bkt aman to sri hartamas)
0.915km - 04m 34.93s > 54m 04.24s (petronas loop)
0.915km - 04m 30.85s > 58m 35.09s (petronas loop)
0.966km - 46m 49.61s > 1hr 45m 24s (back to bkt aman)

Total Distance : 21.15km

Other Timing :
1h 47m 36s - Tay Poh Chye
1h 47m 56s - Raymond Ng
1h 48m 53s - Stanley Cheong

Here are My Split time on 2nd March 2008:
9.660km - 52m 01.30s (bkt aman to sri hartamas)
0.915km - 04m 43.46s > 56m 44.76s (petronas loop)
0.915km - 04m 31.73s > 1hr 01m 16s (petronas loop)
0.966km - 47m 09.43s > 1hr 48m 25s (back to bkt aman)

This Week Menu:
Mon - Rest
Tues - 2.8km x 4 loops = 11.2km
Wed - Rest
Thurs - 21km LSD (part 3) starting time : 6.20am
Fri - Rest
Sat - Rest
Sunday - 21km LSD (final tapering)

All are welcome to join me ya! Dont paiseh ok!

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Kenny said...

Where got slow , this is fastlah !!