Sunday, March 23, 2008

My 21K Long Slow Distance (LSD) Final Episode

7 More Days to KLIM 2008
Today cinya happy coz got so many ppl pace wit me for der final LSD, which supposed to be very easy run. However after der 2km, this Tay Poh Chye keep pressing oil nia. Very very no choice, all of us oso follow loh. Sumore yday he oredi did 20km liao, plus today another 20km.. cinya der hardcore. Wit 1km to reach petronas, Kenny n Stanley sprint to finish.. which left me a Poh Chye 10s behind. This time we skip der petronas loop, avoid getting injury or tired.

For der 2nd half, Khoo Yit Kiat decided join along wit us. For der 1st half, he only did 44m 15s wit der elite runners, cinya incredible fast! That why he pancit liao. Kenny set der pace for 2nd half, cinya incredible fast, until TPC oso smell no smoke liao. So only left me, khoo, kenny n stanley in der battle. Slowly 1 by 1 drop off der pace, 1st it was stanley, after that Kenny after der Tijani hill. So again, left me Khoo for der final push. Khoo going faster n faster, I can only manage to follow nia. Until der last 200m I only manage to sayur him, which oredi stop liao. Anyway, I'm very happy for der training today! Can't wait to rock KLIM kau-kau lat!

Here are My Split time :
9.66km - 51m 29.81s (bkt aman to sri hartamas)
9.66km - 45m 21.86s > 1hr 36m 51s (back to bkt aman)

Total Distance : 19.32km

Other International Timing :
1h 37m 14s - Khoo Yit Kiat
1h 39m 47s - Kenny Tan Hock Chye
1h 40m 29s - Stanley Cheong
1h 41m 34s - Tay Poh Chye


Here are My Split time on 20th March 2008:
9.660km - 49m 27.15s (bkt aman to sri hartamas)
0.915km - 04m 33.99s > 54m 01.44s (petronas loop)
0.915km - 04m 28.93s > 58m 30m 07s (petronas loop)
0.966km - 46m 27.51s > 1hr 44m 57s (back to bkt aman)

Total Distance : 21.15km

Other International Timing :
1h 44m 55s - Ultraman Yip
1h 45m 38s - Stanley Cheong
1h 48m 15s - Tay Poh Chye

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