Friday, April 25, 2008

Battle of Der Speed Demon

U will see blood everywhere this sunday at Bidor, slaughtering each other every kilometers. A big showdown between der favourite Ong Wei Xiang aka Kakithon (Fast, Young & Furious) against der hardcore pacemakers Pm1 & Edison Chen Pong. May God bless us come back in one piece! Amen..

Kakithon / Pm1 / Edison Chen Pong2


Tey said...

Can ask Lim Kien Mau come lah...u 3 sure can learn a lot from him..cinya...!!!

His 5000m only 16m01s.

Full is 2:45

Paul Tergat said...

Can I come, u all sure surprise by my amazing speed, cinya...!!

My 5km PR 12m56s and full marathon PR 2:04:55!!!

Tey said...


U only come by invited and need to pay USD lah..will u come ? haha

LKM is not easy meat in Malaysia liao..think is current road racing top 5 for Malaysian.

CP Waterman said...

Running aside, make sure you all "ta pau' lots of "kai chai beng" & "sak kei ma" from "Pun Chun Restaurant". Don't forget to go to "Meh wah" (just opposite KFC) for "wan ton mee".
A big welcome to all of you coming to my "territory" and all der best to your race this Sunday.

Seng Loong said...

I wont be coming for Bidor Run, Jet Li invited me for Klang Run. I heard Klang is 7 star event, kindly advance update my medal tallies.

Anonymous said...
Paul Tergat 12m49s