Monday, April 14, 2008

Cinya Sad, but It's True...

Can somebody sepak or karate der SAAA for der foolish act, read der story below...

It's me the French who won the race. I live in Malaysia for almost 4 yrs and my wife is Malaysian. Even if my passport is not Malaysian, I feel part of it n want to run in the country where I live. Some indians (just few of them who used to win when only them were running) complained after I won that i was not Malaysian. And they DQ me. I'm 42 yr old. For 30 yrs, I run competitions. Before, I was an international runner. I ran 61'43 and finished 20th for he World Champs.

I ran all over the world and I must say that it's the 1st time, I'm disqualified coz I'm a foreigner. Running is a sport for everybody: u r white, black, asian, fast or not fast runner, it doesn't matter. We are all the same. Now, I'm retired for 10 yrs n do it for fun. The only solution they found to win, is to get race where only them can run. So sad to see that. I must say that many white people ran this race but only me was DQ. My mistake: I won the race. One time, I organized race in Phuket n I must say that I was proud 2 get people from 5 continents. I think if they want to win, they shd train more. I would be even happy to share my experience to help them to progress.

Thanks for your support.

Jean-Pierre LAUTREDOUX alias Peter


Tey said...

r u PR ?

aiya...sad for u too.

I will upload u foto later 2nite,pls register at multiply n invite me as friend ya.

Oh ya..don know Iwata fate ? also DSQ

Anonymous said...

I thought I saw a caucasian male collecting his prize. He's lucky then!

Runnerz said...

So much for promoting sporting events in Malaysia. What a disgrace!

Anonymous said...

Peter, sorry for your loss. I first noticed you in Selayang race 2006 and was astounded by yr speed. It was only recently that I know you are a French athlete. In fact, a couple of us will be honoured to have you share yr experiences. GL

Anonymous said...

I'm not PR. To be PR in Malaysia, it's very difficult. Even u live here 20 yrs, it's still very very difficult but i live here for almost 4 yrs!!!
I've just got a call from BHP to apologize for the organization n the director of BHP. We talked 1 hour n I explained my view of running (that is different of the one who DQ me). The rules will be different next yr. I also told her, she shd use other help than the federation to organize as they r very rude. Especially the tall indian guy. I've seen him to make one chinese girl almost cry on saturday when i collected my number n he was very rude with me n my wife also. The BHP lady (who was very nice n friendly) told me she also got complaint against them for the same purpose. I advised her to contact Pacesetters. Why these people talk to the runners as dog? They get $$$ because of us. Organizers pay them to organize, so they shd do well their job n pay respect to the runners. After all we r there to get fun ... n pain. People go to run their race on sunday because they enjoy this world. They want to hv fun n them not only they don't do their job properly (like last yr at Shah Alam race where after 10 yrs of organization of this race they sent us on the wrong way just before the finish line, maybe some runners didn't arrive yet...jocking), but also talk bad to us. One time, when they r rude before the start, we shd all refuse to run. Just 1 time to make them to understand that no runners, no federation n no money for them. I must say also that some are very nice n correct and to organize race is not easy.
For those who want some training advises, don't hesitate to see after the races. If i can help u, no problem. Tey thanks for the photos n i will register to your website.

CP Waterman said...

Salut Jean-Pierre
C'est la vie en Malaisie!
Aujourd'hui commeci demain commiça.
I think Malayisan local races should emulate the local races here in France to do away with prize money. Here, the organisers only give away :-
1) Trophies to the top 3 runners from each categories
2) A T shirt
3) Some (not all) organisers give finisher medal to each participant.
4) A race certificate (some don't give, the race is just for fun).

International races like KLIM should provide good prize money to attract good runners like Peter to draw in more foreing tourists. ( BTW cancelling the Penang Bridge run is amounting to killing Malaysian tourism and the BN gomen is talking about visit Malaysia year 2008 & spend millions to attract foreign visitors, tat Azalina should be FIRED!)

Tey said...


My site as below:

do let me know u name in message text ya...

Anonymous said...

Aiyo, Mr Peter..

I really feel for your loss, and hope they amend the stupid rules too.. you deserve the win..

ju said...

peter, this saaa should be put into the rocket and sent to moon forever. next oren run, will make sure they disappear from the scene coz pacemaker will take over ...heheheee.

agree that sports should be for all irrespective of race, color, gender, nationality or status. i spoke to one of the bhp executive. he said this is a social and fun run. so what the fuss about nationality and imposed on veteran to attached photocopy of ic!

i definitely will write in officially to bhp to voice this displeasure. no point talking or writing to saaa cos they are same like our bn gomen.... still sleeping ..

Anonymous said...

I am a Singaporean and I frequently go for races in MAlaysia. Talking about the FTAAA, I have a nasty experience with them. At the Putra Jaya Marathon 2006, I finished 9th, that won me RM200. I only knew that I was 9th months later when I received the certificate. My PMers friends said I must collect my prize money because otherwise the FTAAA will 'makan' the money. We wouldn't like that to happen because they were never nice to us. So I emailed them but no reply. NEVER. I was told that I must come to their during work hours or Saturday before 12noon. That is quite difficult for me as I don't go to KL on a weekday. On race weekends I only reach KL after 2pm starting from Singapore in the morning. As I didn't want the FTAAA to 'make' RM200 and to give them a chance to earn a good reputation, I travelled to KL on a weekday during office hours to meet them. I brought my certificate and number tags even! I asked PM1 if I could have them sent the cheque to him. I reached the office, showed them the certificate and my number tags. The Indian lady there asked why I left without collecting my prize. I told them I didn't know I won anything because nobody told me anything. So I left Putra Jaya for KL (onward to Singapore) as it was getting late. She said they gave out position card and why I didn't take. Isn't this a strange question???!!! Obviously they were not at the finish point to give out the cards as we cross the finish line. I have ran so many races, am I stupid enough to not collect my position card? Even if I didn't win a prize I would collect the card. they knew they were wrong so they called the treasurer who is working in a bank then. They told me to make a copy of my certificate and write down my particulars. I said if it is a cheque they can send to PM1. I was surprised that they said they have nothing to do with the PMers or Pacesetters. So I agreed to collect the cheque when it is ready. (maybe another day of travelling to KL, which would have busted the RM200). After a few months, there was no news. One lucky Saturday, I was in KL early so I went to their office. They asked why I didn't collect the cheque. I didn't hear from them at all, how would I know. then they said they sent to Singapore. Then they said the cheque was no cashed-in yet. I clarified that I didn't receive any cheque from FTAAA. I was confused if they had sent or if they wanted me to collect. One say this, the other say that. so they made me photocopy the certificate again and give my particulars again. I said I already given the last time. They asked if I want my prize money. I felt I was at their mercy for RM200. A few weeks later, someone called me in Singapore to say that they have sent the cheque in Singapore currency equivalent. I checkthe mail box everyday and have yet to receive anything. That was in Sep 2007. I gave up. they don't know what they are doing and they are liars for RM200.

Ai Ling (Singapore)

Saiful Kodi said...

i was sad to hear this story. :(

doris 桃利思 said...

i thought i was fussy when writting
(sorry, i blog in chinese, basically i was dissappointed with the bib collection arrangment)

now i know malaysian organizations can make much more fuss...

saaa certainly needs to attend some organization skill lessons, however, i am suprised of how bhp wash their hands and just let saaa do anything

my thought is if bhp really considers the orange run as a big annual event, there should have setup a committee consists of its own voluntary staffs. during the bib distribution and other things else, the committee or the relevant people should be around as well, they will be able to witness the quality of the event organizer they engaged, no need to wait until people complain (well, maybe if they are around, saaa will not even dare to be rude in the first place). in addition, we as the participants will feel bhp is really taking the event seriously, not some crap things to fill up the marketing budget (well, maybe the event is peanut to them in order to spent the massive budget they have)

just my 2 cents...
*btw, after the recently imposed round up policy.... it is 0 cent now

Yap! It's 3088... said...

If Peter can write this to the Press, I am sure SAAA will be in hot water when the public react. If Peter wants someone to do that, I can help. However, if he writes it, it will carry more weight than an outsider who's only aware of half the story. And until we know what SAAA have done, we too are hearing half the story.

慧沁 Wai Sum said...

what a shame! I thought I saw a lot of foreigners having fun at the run, but it seems like the organizer is making fun of them! If they want to win train harder and run faster, their act will only discourage more foreign runner from running in Malaysia.

cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...

Bonjour Peter!
When I saw you doing your warm up rounds at the curve, I knew you'll be the champion. You're well known among us. Those SAAA people knew 'their own runners' had no chance competing with you so they purposely blocked you out from winning. They wanted the prize for themselves. This is absolutely horrendous!! Disgusting double standard! What about national runners? Why were they not DQ?
It is clear that this must have been sparked by the veteran champion, which is actually the loser!

The BHP Orange Run did not put "Only for citizens" in the regulations right? BHP should take action and bring this up to Ministry of Youth & Sports. These so called sporting authorities are killing the sport. We have friends coming all the way from Singapore just to have fun in this run. It was meant to be a fun run but those greedy animals only go after $$$.
Badly organised KLIM was also due to $$$. It will never be popular as marathons all around the world.
It is a crying shame as these sporting activities contributing to Visit Malaysia campaign are being killed.

Write to the press. I support you!
With the new state government, the change is coming.

sgloong said...

yeah its really sad to hear this things are still happening.. but its not really a surprise as there are already many cases... somemore all these 'fast' runners are lobbying FTAAA/SAAA/etc to totally banned foreigners from running in local races as they claim that they are affecting their livelihood... what utter rubbish...

what is the point being 'fast' or the fastest locally when u cannot even smell the bontot of SEA runners, (dont mention African, or even Asian runners)... haiiya... so great to be jaguh kampung meh??

congrats to peter ... we support u...

Running Man said...

Those idiots are at it again! Often times these whiners are the ones who've gone complacent and would rather rest on their laurels than push themselves harder. There's a malay term for these types. They're called Jaguh Kampungs. Literally meaning Village Champions. Boastful, and arrogant but only good when there's no real comepetition. Just like the additudes of certain segment of the population when faced with challenges or adversity, stick their hands out and ask for help instead of standing on their own two feet or in this case training harder and getting faster. Cheh!

Anonymous said...

My personal experience during a 'fun' walk last yr spelt volumes of the ethics of an FTAAA worker who possessed absolutely no sportsmanship, all because of money. I have no respect for them. I agree with Waterman that abolishing the cash prizes will be a good measure. GL

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys, really thanks a lot to both of you for your support. It makes me happier than if they didn't DQ me. The guy who complained is Muniandi's manager (and behind Rama n the other guys of their team). When i told him he had no balls coz he came to say hello n talked to me just before with smile, he replied to me, at 1st, he did nothing n after i told him i knew it was him, he told me that his athletes asked him to do it. Really 2 faces these guys. When i think i even proposed water during other race to Muniandi n encouraged him to run even if the Kenyans were there n gave some other tips.After it is like mafia between these guys n the federation guy who DQ. Some fede guys r nice n were not agree but don't hv power. Even the bhp guy was really unfriendly (but not the lady who called me to apologize). Few of u told me to write to the press. I know how it works here, they publish only if u don't say so much. I wrote few times to Star n they didn't publish coz i wrote too much. Once to complain against Streamyx n how they shit people with their speed n one other time to say what i thought about their London project n their 500 M RM. So now, i don't want to waste my time. Regarding organisation, for me the most important thing is "safety" for all the runners. U know, in France, u can't get authorization to organize a race if all the route of the race is not block to the traffic. Here, except few races, we run on the highway with the crazy lorries... Even KLM, the international event of Malaysia, i was stuck in the traffic during my half marathon n need to dodge in n out of the cars. Federation won't change n don't want to change. They want to keep the control n hv nobody to disturb them to do their own way. First race i ran in Malaysia, it was the 1st Siemens run. I didn't know the route n i was running in front with Arul. After 5k, i didn't know where to go, so i asked him: "left or right", he told me left, so i started to turn left but him turned on the right. So i've thought "ok, u want to play, no prob", i came back on him n accelerated to run alone. In France we say "better to be alone than in a bad company". After at the prize ceremony, i was talking with one fede guy n i asked him if they didn't want my help to coach their athletes. He told me yes it would be interesting n been to tlk to his boss n came back n said "oh no TQ". They hv no result but do nothing to try to get them. They live in their own world n don't want to change. They don't know how it works to make athletes. It's a long process n starts with the kids sport education n step by step u finish to get some guys who can reach the top. It's not in January 2008 they must say "ok we want medal in Beijin", it's too late. U can put $$$ for people who get medal, it won't change the result. When i see u hv a stadium of 100 000 spectators capacity in Bukit Jalil n nothing happen in this stadium!!!I tell u we don't hv a big stadium like that in France. Maybe, one day i will organize a big race (like there is not) in Malaysia n i will ask your help. For me a race, to be famous, must hv quality n quantity with safety n not only for the front runners. I hv many ideas n i know how it works for the big marathons like Paris n London. Did u know than in US there are some races on 10km with 60 000 runners or even Bay to Breakers in San Fransisco (12k) with a record of ...110 000 runners n it works perfectly. Now i make u laught...imagine SAAA or FTAA at head of Bay to Breakers organization. I think the Golden Gate Brige would sink. That said it's not easy to organize but u can recognize your mistakes n be polite. Is it the same thing for u when u go to FTAA, the old lady don't smile, don't say hello or bye bye? or maybe again coz i'm a foreigner?

C-CUBE said...

Peter, I truly agreed with you. The media will not publish it if you write too much especially having negative impact to all these so call associations that represent the country in sports events. They cant even manage themselves properly.

Anyway I hv one suggestion ie publish this in all our blogs and splash this out on emails. Use the POWER OF INETRNET to tell all these fellars how bad they are. We runners must speak in ONE FORCE. Lets create a chain of complains to make this SAAA people realise.

I will do this by today. Watch out for it in my blog!!!!

Tey said...
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Tey said...

Suggest if star or nst or malay paper don want to publish,Malay Mail may be will consider u complain,cause each papers hv their own readers.

I think Peter maybe can complain even to chinese newspaper hotline,if not,use internet as final way to let public know the true story !!!

pm19 said...

This is truly sad and distressing. Peter, you are one heck of a runner and I first saw you at the 7km Puchong run in 2006 which race I believe you won as well. I agree with your sentiments completely. This unfortunately is the sad state of affairs in Malaysia. The complainants feel that you are "eating" into their "rice bowl" and see it fit to protest your deserved victory. This state of affairs has gone on too long and should be highlighted in the media. I urge you to write in to the major newspapers. The SAAA I am sure will be in hot soup for this.

adrian said...

i think this action (DQ) is totally outrageous, especially after allowing him to enter! i think that the sensible running community (who seem to agree that the disqualification is not "just")should unite and make sure that some sort of action is taken!

naz runnaz said...

yeah!!! justice for runner..

Tey said...

Ai Ling case will settle in two days time.FTAAA promise to allow me help Ai Ling collect her 2006 Putrajaya marathon prize money RM 200.As promise by FTAAA honorary treasurer BANI.

Surpsie he email me and call me this morning,after I forward Ai Ling complain to FTAAA secretary Vegiyathuman.

So...he explain is the bank didn't clear the cheque cause wrong address,cinya...although Ai Ling wrote few times.

Anyway,happy to help Ai Ling settle this long long prize money problem.

Will pass to her afte I receive from FTAAA.


tahan92 said...

Thanks to Tey for taking up with FTAAA. I've really given up because there are just too many stories. First they said sent, then they asked why I never cash-in. How can they have sent when they don't even have my address in Singapore? Anyway, we will see.

Ai Ling

Tey said...


Since is my case liao.I will follow up for u,he said as late as 2moro will bank in.

He said after bank in,will call me.I alreaady sms him my a/c.

See how.

Anyway,I think this time he need to rethink ,if still want to play taiji..hehe


ah loong said...

I feel sad and truly agree with u peter. Since u have malaysian wife, u will be converted into malaysian citizen and no longer as france citizen..

As per international race under malaysia event , they should starting allowed people like u to join the race as part our malaysian income and economic growth too.

But i don't understand malaysian law and there is some law govern in weird way.
If a person married to muslim man or women , and he or she will be automatic convert to islamic religion.

however for getting malaysian wife or husband, why not, they have automatic conversion into malaysian and drop their previous citizen.

For local mini running race or not so called international, i think it is better to give chances for our local runners here .It is not fair every race held in the whole Malaysian grab by AFRICAN runnner.

if u want to win of course u need extensively hard train and massive determination. i fully supporting this idea.

another weird rule is why more and more Indonesian and Chinese from china getting easily access to here.

dun worry too much, as long as u voice out , some one will circulate around by thrashing & splashing there and here .

yo brother france, the truth is out there....

Anonymous said...

but the entry form clearly states that only locals are allowed to enter and besides if you allow foreigners then you should also allow the kenyans to enter this race.How come no one says anything about that??

Tey said...


Bani from FTAAA call me this morning 10.35am confirmed the Ai Ling RM 200 already bank in to my a/c.I also check immediately..yes..only 2 days.

Aiiiiii...this FTAAA should settle much much earlier mah..!!

Anyway,glad to help solve this problem.

Wish Ai Ling will visit and race in Malaysia road race more in future !!

Khoo said...

Dear Peter,

Well if the "other' runners don't need your help, well I would love to get some advice from you.

Do email me so that I can ask more about training and stuff like that. I would certainly luv to run like you.

My email:

Carboman said...

I concur with Khoo. Even though I'm a slow runner by comparison of many of the runners in this group, any tips from you will be beneficial for me to reach my racing goals.

Perhaps the forum here is bigger than we think. I suggest creating a discussion forum like that in RunnersWorld and we can post question there, now that we have a world class runner here!

PS. I agree with Choi. I shall be writing something in my blog over this weekend. We take our war online.

Jamie PM5

ju said...

well, look like its a 'March 8' Tsunami in the running community. Perhaps, this is the sign of Enough is Enough'.

This is definitely a very healthy sign - Speak Your Mind and stop that 'tidak apa' attitude.

Ah Loong, what so wrong about the 'African' who grab all the podium prizes in most of the races? Have you seen how hard they train on non racing day? Do you know how discipline they are while training on the track? Our own runners are just too complacent and didn't train hard enough to claim that 'world class' title. Just good enough to be known as 'Jaguh Kampung'.

I guess not many understand the true meaning of SPORTSMANSHIP! Truly sad ....

Julie Wong,
Hon. Secretary,
Kuala Lumpur Assc Of Veteran Athletes (KLAVA)

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,
As few of you asked me for tips n as Jamie suggested, a forum would be the best thing. So, I will launch a forum this week end or at the beginning of next week. I already created it but i need to customize it. It is not so long but i'm quiet busy.

Khoo said...

That will be great Peter. Forum is a great idea, but if you have the time, I would like to train with you as well.

I want to overtake PM1!!! Hahaha!

Besides that would be great if we can meet up as there are some things I like to find out from you, especially your experiences. Do you have an email add or contact number?