Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Klang Pacer 21km Race Report

Morning started with temperature of 29 celcious as I pull out of my house.

As I move slowly just shy of 5 am through Shah Alam, the lowest temperature was 28 C!

And yesterday was a very HOT day, registering 36C, hence I told myself you have to take it easy.

There were lightning in the distance, hmm another no no.

Met our usual running kaki and do some warm up. Top runners were Iwata san, Vikneswaran.

At the start, I went off pacing myself comfortably behind Iwata san, seeing him slipping away. Then I was overtaken by Hashim, then Yasan, Goh Chun Aun, Ah Keong ( Mr Siew from Klang Pacers), Tan Wah Sing and many more.

Was I tempted to chase? NO! Hold on to your horses, I told myself, long way to go, weather suspect.

As we move closer to Bandar Botanic, I was now pacing side by side with Ah Keong and weather was pretty nice. Then we saw Goh Chun Aun ahead, hmm must be something wrong.

When I over took Goh, I had a chat with him, he wasn't even racing, he didn't sign up, he was on a recovery run due to injury........hmm I told you so.

Off I go and Goh told me to chase Wah Sing and I left Ah Keong behind, targetting Wah Sing, Hashim.

By Bandar Puteri, I overtook Hashim, then set my sight at Wah Sing but he was pulling away 100m ahead with a young man, didn't I tell ya, Wah Sing is also young!! Yasan not in sight at all!

After km 15, I kind off lost my push because, firstly the person behind me was quite far off, Wah Sing too far ahead and it is a long straight road, not my cup of tea. And I thought, top 10 cukuplah! Cramp, I also takutlah, mental power tak cukup. But throughout the journey, Mohan's (Kenyapura) formula capsule was with me and I took it at every water station.

Then at about 17km, Goh Chun Aun appeared out of the blue(boy he is fast if he press the button) and he said, don't slow down, back runners are closing in, come follow my pace! I felt honoured to be paced by Goh and so I followed for about 1km to the last water station. Goh slowed down after that as his injury was hurting him and then he told me again keep my pace and overtake Wah Sing.

That I did, not only did I overtake Wah Sing but also Yasan and at the finish line, I was shocked and surprised that I finished 3rd for men veteran behind Iwata san and a Nepalese from Klang Pacers(Mr Wong, President of Klang Pacers told me this Nepalese is running and I remembered I lost to him fair and square in Kuantan TC run last year).

Thanks to Goh Chun Aun, not only I achieved a podium finish, I did my PB that I have not seen since I moved above 40! My timing was 1 hour 33 minutes and Choi 's GPS was 20.7km while Mr Wong said it is 21.3km, his training route.

Throughout the race Ronnie's piah kao lat kao lat was in my head but I was careful due to my previous cramps.

But you never know what position lies ahead, and piah like hell seems like the right mantra, so Kam Siah Sifu Ronnie.

3 weekends, 3 prizes and the tired feeling isn't obvious in the afternoon after the run.

To my training partners Lee and Hadfiz, thank you brothers, now I am more motivated.

To Dr. Chan, thanks for the tips on how to avoid cramps. To Mohan, thanks for your formula and to Goh Chun Aun, thanks for motivating me and pacing me.

To my Captain Choi, now I got NB voucher to buy new racing pair lah!

Daniel Tan

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