Thursday, May 29, 2008

3rd Malaysia International Ekiden Run Relay Marathon

I'm very happy this event is back in action again, however it oso clash wit Malakoff Merdeka Penang 26km & adidas King of the Road (entry form are coming soon according to Mr. Krishnan). Jialat this 3 event oso my favourite ponya! Left hand oso meat, right hand oso meat, dont know which one to choose?

Anyway, after Sip Kow Cham Tau Lam Cheng Chor (english mean after a hard hard thinking) Me and der gang decided to head for Ekiden Run. Anyone who does have a teammates or gang, you are welcome to join us der Pacemakers for a team. All runners required to do time trail, so we have a fair draw on which team to place you. So there will be no world war 3, 4, 5 and watever lah. Plan to have 2 Mixed Team & 2 Open Team. Garenty FINISHER MEDAL wan!!

For Entry form, pls visit my event calender @

Thanks n regards
Captain Pm1

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