Monday, May 19, 2008

PAR4 - Trial Run 2008 (Result)

Event : Trial Run for 4th Pacemakers Anniversary Run
Starting Time : 4.35pm
Venue : Taman Metropolitan Park, Kepong
Distance : 3.38km (Roller Wheel) / 3.35km (Frank GPS)
Volunteer : Rachel Lee (timekeeper) / Lee Wai Lam (Road Marshall)
Video Clip :

I hope everyone enjoy der Trial Run today eventho it was hot, those who miss der boat. There will be another trial run on 31st May 2008, der last trial before der final race on 7th June 2008. Special thanks to my volunteers Rachel Lee der Timekeeper & Lee Wai Lam der road marshall. Really appreciate it!

1st Batch :
13.49 - Daniel Tan (Vet Vet)
14.15 - Chin Yong Heng (Tomato Team)
14.48 - Stanley Cheong (OX Gang II)
15.19 - Lai Fong Sang (Fantastic Five)
16.39 - Frank Chong (Runners Circle)
17.44 - Tan Ay Peng (Lasarge Mixed Group)
20.04 - Chek Yin Huay (Light n Easy)
22.23 - Julie Wong (PM's Volunteer)

2nd Batch :
16.57 - Daniel Tan (Vet Vet)
16.57 - Stanley Cheong (OX Gang II)
17.34 - Tan Ay Peng (Lasarge Mixed Group)
18.09 - Steven Khoo (OX Gang II)

3rd Batch :
15.03 - Chin Yong Heng (Tomato Team)
16.12 - Stanley Cheong (OX Gang II)
16.12 - Frank Chong (Runners Circle)
17.35 - Lai Fong Sang (Fantastic Five)
18.45 - Tan Ay Peng (Lasarge Mixed Group)

Next Final Trial Run : 31st May 2008 (Saturday) 7.45am


jue said...

pm1, thank you for organising der trial run. running with the pm really very pressure. slow slow also pia so fast. but very motivational! good run ...

stanley said...

thanks ya to everyone that has directly or indirectly helped in the trial run...although it was heaty & humid, nevertheless it was a great workout.

Anonymous said...

Where is Leonaresh? so long we all never see him...he stop running?..
We only see Guna running without is friend (Leonaresh)...Guna too act action never talk to every one but not like Leonaresh very friendly...

From Ipoh & Singapore Runners