Sunday, May 25, 2008

RMAF Pictures


For der Album

RMAF Airport Base

Ready to become pork chop liao!

Inside der plane

Frank ready to Chee Sat (suicide)

RMAF Role Model

Fuyo! Yoga in der plane

Balancing Act

Mei Mei wit der Aeroplane

Yupe! Loger.. Loger.. We are ready to take off!

More pictures, kindly click der link


Runnerz said...

Who took my parachute?

pm1 said...

Me! ME! ME!

stanley said...

Thanks Ronnie for keeping our timing checked & these great photos. Sure did have an unforgettable experience for this race right from the air strip till the end as C3 has mentioned. Hopefully they make it an annual event...not every 10/50 years! We will be using our 'tongkat' then...cinya!

tahan92 said...

ah loong, you with who? I jealous wor