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4th Pacemakers Anniversary Run 2008 (PAR4) - Race Report!

Finally after all the hardwork and planning, PAR4 is a wrap! I hope everyone enjoy edder race as much as I did. Der weather was excellent. Thank God there were no rain. As race director, it was really a big responsibility to make sure everything go smooth sailing. As der event is getting big n bigger, there are so many things to do. However, der assistance I've received from der volunteers really lighten my burden. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to der sponsor, supporter & volunteers, U guys did a great job!

Everytime come to PAR Run, there is always a hip cup. Der problem I'm face each time will either be runners coming late, runners not turning up, swaping runner without informing me, last minute changing of runner n etc.. Cinya pening kepala, der head almost want to explode liao. Lucky all the problems was settled before der race start and hopefully this thing wont repeat again next time. This is why the RESERVE runners are very important, unless your teammates are very reliable.

This is why we created der PAR4 Trial Run 1 & Trial Run 2, to help der runners get to know der Kepong Metropolitan Park. We have done everything we can to help all der runners. We even prepare der location map & programme list, yet ppl still can come late. Grrrrrr!!!

For der record, there are 28 teams signing up for der event, and only 1 team DNS. We oso have runners coming all der way from Singapore, Mr. Naresh who came from Vietnam and oso many foreigner too. We oso have running clubs like Klang Pacer & many Pacesetters member taking part in this event. And not forgetting apart from der Pacemakers group, we oso have popular running group from O.X. Gang, Slowmovers, Runnersmalaysia, Penguins, Permaisuri Gang, Runnerz Circle & De Putrajaya Gang. Cinya unbelievable!!

According to my watch time, our PAR4 event start at 7.32am. This is something which I was slightly unhappy about, coz we didnt start on time at 7.30am sharp. Geram nia! Anyway our race was flag off by our main sponsor, Tan Sri Rohaizad with our MALAYSIA flag as der start off. And all der ladies were on der 1st leg, everyone of them turbo like speeding bullet after der flag off.

1st Leg Runners :
Der 1st lady come back was Mitchele Tan from der Klang Runners wit der incredible time of 13m 52s, der only lady to dip sub 14mins. Follow strongly behind was by G. Susila 14:08 (De Putrajaya) & Jessica Tang 14:10 (Fantastic 5), there was lot of cheering n shouting, cinya der happening & kan cheong lah.

2nd Leg Runners :
And as der 2nd runner is coming, still lead by der Klang Runners. Murali Nathan crossing der line at 11m 23s, another superb timing. Follow close by Klang Pacer, Vikneswaran 11m 06s (insert wow here!) der fastest timing among all der male runners. And der gap is getting very close wit der Klang Runners Team. Team Fantastic 5 still mantain at podium stage, lead by Jasni Khairil 12:33s, however Team Putrajaya oredi drop out of top 3.

3rd Leg Runners :
Cinya der kan cheong to know which team come back 1st? It was a big surprise, der Klang Pacer had take over der lead liao. Lead by Ng Swee Yee 12:17, overtaken der Klang Runners Team, Gunaselan 12:55. Der Klang Runners team is under pressure. Team Fantastic 5 still mantain strongly at top 3.

4th Leg Runners :
Time to wrap up der race soon, everyone very kan cheong to know which team crowded as champion. And der Klang Pacer make no error, finished der run in style of total timing of 49:42, follow by Klang Runners 52:03 as 1st Runner Up & 2nd runner up goes to Fantastice 5 time of 54:33. Congratulation to Klang Pacer for their excellent performance, thumbs up!!

And soon, team after team crosses der finish line wit der spirit of pia. After der run, everyone were enjoy having breakfast & chit chat. We prepared a variety of food such as, nasi lemak, banana, watermelon, bread, 100plus & drinking water. And soon after der last runner came back, our Race Result Auditor quickly speed up der work to finalize der result for medal presentation.

Cinya honoured to have all der sponsors such as Tan Sri Rohaizad, Aeow Cen Peng, Lai Fong Sang, Chen Keat Hoong & Frank Chong to present der medals to all der participants respectively. And oso thanks to Julie Wong for sponsoring der Reflexball (massage ball) as lucky draw for runners. Cinya appreciate it!

After all der presentation is over, runners were required to take a mega group picture. This is for der PAR4 album, there were so many photografer, cinya thanks for their help.

The event ended at 9.30am and everyone went back happily wit der medal. Wat a great day and hope to see u again next year for PAR5 2009. Adios!

Der Volunteers Squad:
Race Supervisor : Rachel Lee
Speaker Man : Kelvin Ng
Video Man : Jamie Pang
Result Auditor : Lai Fong Sang
Photographer : Tey Eng Tiong
Photographer : Chan Wing Kai
Motorbike Escort : Datuk Yaziz
Time Keeper : Tan Sri Rohaizad
Time Keeper : Julie Wong
Time Keeper : Dinesh Kumaran
Time Keeper : Eng Seok Jiun
Time Keeper : Grace Tok
Check Point : Lim Pueh Tian
Check Point : Lee Wai Lam
Check Point : Ng Ping Loong
Water Station : Tan Ping Ping
Friuts Station : Adam Loh
Food Station : Teng Sin Lan
General Helper : Frank Chong
General Helper : Kenny Tan

More Race Report also available @ Team Runnerz Circle Klang Pacers Athletic Club Slowmovers Tan Sri Rohaizad Team Candid Runners Team Vet Vet Team Tsumani PenQueens Team to Beat More are coming soon...

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