Saturday, June 14, 2008

Der Pacemakers Fellowship Run

What : Der Pacemakers Fellowship Run
When : 14th June 2008, Saturday
Where : Bukit Aman Car Park
Distance : 19.32km (by Choi GPS kok)

Who : Pm1, Frank Chong, Adam Kok, Choi Chik Choi, Tey Eng Tiong, Yap Chee Kuang, Steven Khoo, Tang Wern Tian, Yip Kit Weng, Anil Gill, Ng Ping Loong, Stanley Cheong, Tay Poh Chye, Lai Fong Sang, Yoong Fu Yee, Loke Shu Sun & Lionel Lee (newcomer).

My 1st half timing is 51:14s / 2nd half 44:58s = 1hr 36m 12s (Season Best)!

Cinya surprise so many runners turn up for der sat training, cinya happy.. hope every saturday oso like that lah. We start our at 6.10am wit big-big gang, cinya nice to have this kind of feeling. After 2km of running, Frank oredi start to turbo liao. Me, Lai & Lionel still at 1 pack, as Frank take der keretapi head. Wit 4km to reach petronal station, I cinya kenot tahan liao. Stomach pain oredi (big business coming soon), so decided to tekan turbo to be der 1st wan reach petronas toilet. Bcoz sibo, cinya beh tahan liao! Everyone had a break for water station, n a bit of chit chat while 1 by 1 reach der pit stop.

On der 2nd half, glad to have Stanley in der pack. He was late to Bkt Aman, due to car problem. So me, Stanley, Lai, Adam & Wern Tian start at der same time, Frank n Lionel no rest, they did 1 extra loop at petronas. Which I think they are 2mins ahead of us, bcoz we yet to start n still at der pit stop.

I know der 2nd half timing will sure be more faster wan, coz got Stanley pacing along. As der run getting further n further, der group gap is getting invisible liao from other. Only have Stanley pace wit me nia, still no sign can see Frank n Lionel.

After crossing der Jalan Duta highway, Stanley showing red light liao. I think is bcoz der 1st half he tekan too hard liao to catch up with us since he was late. Finally can see Frank & Lionel juz 100m in front nia, so I tekan turbo to close gap. After I over take Frank & Lionel. I tot no one will follow me liao, surprisingly this Lionel follow me until so tight. I tot can pull away from him at Tijani Hill, to my surprise he really have der gut to follow me nia. This make me cinya kan cheong, this Lionel seem like no small potato liao. Fuyo! another strong challenger to pace wit me, I only manage to "Lak San" (escape) from him is at another hill climb to KTM station. From there no looking back liao, solo finish to bkt aman. Another great run wit season best, thanks guy for der pacing, cinya kum tung!

Other Finishing Time :
1' 37:46 - Lionel Lee
1' 39:40 - Stanley Cheong
1' 40.29 - Adam Loh
1' 40.34 - Tang Wern Tian
1' 42.02 - Frank Chong
0' 00.00 - Lai Fong Sang

brought 2u by pm1


Kit Weng said...

great saturday run.

Solid 20 km! Good company and great weather!

Runnerz said...

"Newcomer"'s name is Lionel Lee. Eh... It's suppose to be LSD run ler. You tekan tekan turbo like racing liao. Haha...