Thursday, June 05, 2008

PAR4 Countdown - 2 more days to go nia!

Cinya der kan cheong oredi, coz it's only 2 more days nia to PAR4 and hopefully everything is under control and pls no rain lah. This year PAR4 cinya der unique, each team required to have at least 1 lady runner. And all der lady required to run der 1st leg, this make everything even more excitement n full of cheering too. And for der record, there will be 27 teams taking part der event, compare to previous year 18 teams. And there are still many runners want to sign up der run, too bad we are overload liao. Very sorry ya, very paiseh.. come again next year ok.

Team Attire
You can wear anything u like, however if u want something special for ur team. Kindly contact ur team captain, der team captain will decide wat vest u shd wear.

Good luck n all der best,
Pia Kau Kau Lat!
Brought 2u by Pm1

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