Sunday, June 22, 2008

SATURDAY LONG RUN aka Fellowship Run

Date: 21 June 2008, Saturday

Reporting Time : 5:55am
Starting Time: 6.10am

Meeting Point : Bukit Aman carpark
Distance: 15.5KM according to my GPS kok
Route: Bukit Aman carpark, Bukit Tungku, Double Hill..
Attendace: Frank Chong, Ronnie See, Steven Khoo, Tang Wern Tien, Lionel, Chin Yong Heng, Hau Wan Lin, Choi Chik Choy, William Chan, Adam Kok & Tay Poh Chye.


Training Result :
1' 20.04 - Lionel
1' 20.10 - Ronnie See
1' 20.34 - Chin Yong Heng
1' 24.01 - Frank Chong
1' 24.04 - William Chan
1' 24.48 - Adam Loh
1' 26.50 - Tang Wern Tien
1' 28.39 - Choi Chik Choy
1' 56.47 - Hau Wan Lin
1' 56.47 - Steven Khoo
0' 00.00 - Tay Poh Chye (Late start)

Note : For der next 3 Sat 28th June, 5th July & 12th July there will be no fellowship run. Everyone busy wit races at Klang Run & Mc Donalds Run on 29th June. Siemens Run 6th July & Chicken Run 5th July. Larian KNS Bukit Jalil on 12th July. We will resume back our Fellowship Run on 19th July if there are no races going on lah. Thanks!

Another satisfaction run, no regret for coming. Cause before der night I was not feeling well, kena flu n sakit kapala. Take doctor medician n sleep kau-kau lat after that.

I arrived at Bukit Aman 5.58am, Wan Lin was oredi at 5.35am wit all der mosquito sucking his blood bcoz he came by motorbike. Surprisingly Frank was not there yet, usually he will be der 1st person at Bkt Aman. After 6.05am more n more car are coming in, glad to see Frank oso there liao. He is my powergel for LSD Run, he late bcoz of lausai not Euro2008 hehe!

We start our run at 6.12am, usually Frank will take der keretapi head wan. I was surprise he didnt do that, so it was me der wan do der leading pack. William Chan keep asking me when are we going to start fire? I keep telling him hold on, not der rite time yet n be patient lah. Seem like nobody dare to start fire, until 5km mark.. Frank finally make his move liao, take over der top. That part is going up to double hill liao, everyone still going strong. Only left behind was Steven n Wan Lin.

Seem like everyone is on fire liao, Frank setting a very consistance pace. Me juz follow behind nia wit other runners still stay on course as tight as possible. Bcoz der pace is going to go faster n faster liao, Choi oso stay in der pack. He may look old, but der heart still very young, however Choi pancit liao after 10km mark if i'm not mistaken

15km route require us to run 2 loop of jln sultan salahuddin, while almost completing der 1st loop. I told Frank must go strait not turn rite to der istana route, that is only after der 2nd loop. After Frank know that liao, he totally ran out of gas liao. Cinya paiseh nia, shd hv told him early.. sob.. sob..

Frank pace suddenly trim down, no choice I hv to take back der keretapi head. Der only person still on negative split pace are Lionel n Chin Yong Heng. My time to kena pressure liao, however I manage to keep myself out of der kancheongness. Wit 2km to finish, suddenly my stomach not feeling good liao. TNS! Der feeling like want to pangsai oredi, I keep hanging on every minutes every seconds until my body felt so cold n shivering liao. Cinya SOS liao! I could not go anymore faster liao espeacially toward finishing line, der super strong man Lionel take der opportunity to sayur me kau-kau lat. Congrats on Lionel!

Thanks to everyone for joining der Fellowship Run, see u again on 19th July!


jue said...

aiseh, captain. pagi2 like that no public transport cinya susah leh. maybe my spirit can be there loh ....

jue said...

wah, most of u guys finished below 90 minutes... cinya how to go fellowship run with u all.

really need to train for adidas half mara liao. intend to do under 3 hours .... if not run out of stamina lah. did 3hr 20min in klim. after invest in sau ko nee shoe, must show improvement lah!

Runnerz said...

Was actually pretty happy with my LSD run considering that I had to pop a Panadol pill due to headache and also to visit the toilet 3 times prior to the run. And ya, the confusion of the route made me lost my momentum which also led me misguiding C3 in making him leave his water bottle at the wrong place. But anyway, I enjoyed the route and will certainly use it for future 15KM runs.

C-CUBE said...

You guys are fast. I pancit after the start of 2nd loop, ran too fast in the beginning. Then Adam and Tang overtook me, after that I just maintain a comfortable pace to finish, cinya. For those who wanna join me for a Saturday run, pls comeby as I will be still doing my 20k run from Bkt Aman-Petronas-Bkt Aman, unless there is a race on Sunday.